Building Audi

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The toughest challenge facing every automobile manufacturer is quite simply to flourish in a hotly contested market. Audi's success is dependent on the final analysis of the people for whom it summons up its entire range of automobiles. Audi imposes the very highest quality standards in the production of it cars. The Press Shop is one of the starting points for the strength, dimensional accuracy and safety of every Audi body. This shapes the individual pressed steel elements which are combined to produce the complete bodyshell.

Audi's plants in the German towns of Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm together produce about 2,000 cars a day. In Ingolstadt alone, a new Audi leaves the assembly line almost every minute. The complex operations which this involves have been tackled with maximum efficiency in the body construction area.

The following series of articles showcase the know-how and ultra-modern planning and production processes and technologies that go into building an Audi.

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