Tech Procedure: Audi Gauge Face Install
By: Brendan M. Lopez

This article appeared in the August 1998 issue of european car magazine. Reprinted with permission.

Over the past few decades automotive technology has exploded, with new advances being made on a continual basis. Today's cars are cleaner, more efficient and bestowed with capabilities befitting racecars of yesteryear. While technology has marched forward, one item has been left visibly unchanged -the analog gauge cluster. Outwardly, most modern gauge clusters look just like the VDO, Jaeger, Veglia instruments used for decades, but most have modern, digitally controlled inner workings.

Color gauge faces have been a popular means of updating or imparting a unique look to an otherwise bland instrument cluster. NR Automobile Accessories in Sherman Oaks, California, has long served the aftermarket industry and car dealerships with its wide array of different gauge faces. NR currently has gauges available for many models of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen, with prices ranging from $129 to $299 depending on the application. Its newest product is a set of replacement gauge faces for Audi's A4 model with VDO brand gauges. Audi A4 1998 models come with instrument clusters from VDO or NSI. Gauges without pointer stop pins at zero for the speedometer and tachometer are VDO (which have an internal gear mechanism to control the needle position). And gauges with pointer stop pins are NSI.

If your Audi A4 gauge cluster is suitable for upgrading, the entire procedure should only take an hour or two. Experienced technicians such as Shanon from North Hollywood Speedometer can do it in far less time. Shanon was kind enough to slow down and hold still for installation photographs for this project. North Holly wood Speedometer sells gauge faces, does installations and restores VDO, Veglia, Smiths, AD Delco and Jaeger gauges among others.

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