1998 S4 Experience: Exterior

S4 in AoA lobby Like I said, the car is sitting in Audi of America's lobby. In the background you can see windows which overlook a lake with fountains in it sitting behind the building. To the left are the elevators leading to other floors. Imagine having to walk by this car on your way in and out of the building everyday!
Lobby pic #2 This shot shows the elevators more clearly. On the A4 itself, you can tell its a 1998 because there are no Audi "football" logos on the side. This shot also shows the overall height of the car. It is definetly much lower than a stock A4, and the aggressive body styling looks great.
Side view One subtle difference about the S4 is that the body panels are all the same color. There is no black molding along the bottom of the car. The rear fenders also appeared more aggressive to me, although I'm not sure if there is an actual body difference.
Rear half Again notice that the rear molding is all one color. Also notice the tail lights which seem different than stock A4 tail lights. I believe the color bands are "thicker."
Rear of S4 A nice shot of the rear of the car with better detail on the tail lights. Notice that there is one S4 badge on the left side, with nothing on the right side. You can also barely see the antenna. I was told that this antenna was for the cellphone.
S4 badge detail This picture is self-explanatory. This is the badge the appears on the left side of the trunk and, together with the similar badge on the front grille, is what tells you that this is one special car. I was impressed with the size and shape of the badge -- it looks perfect on the car.
Headlight closeup This picture shows the corner turn signal assembly. As you can see it is European spec with a clear housing and an amber bulb.
Front of the S4 There are a couple of things to notice in the this picture. First of all you get great detail on the clear corner lenses -- its really a unique look. Next you can tell that the headlights are different from a stock A4. These are Xenon discharge lights and look impressive even during the day. Of course the performance of these lights at night is second to none. Last, notice the fog lights in the lower grilles.
S4 front grille The rings on the front grille of the S4 are much different from the A4; utlizing two-part construction with (I assume) aluminum inlay, they are much more three-dimensional looking. Also notice the front S4 badge.
S4 side view This side view shows that the mirrors look very much like the stock mirrors -- they do not have the "flow through" styling.
S4 wheel I meant to write down the tires on these wheels. I remember that they were Michelin Pilot's, but I don't know the designation. The wheels have bigger brakes all around in order to harness the S4's power. The wheel itself is very solid looking and is obviously more aggressive then the other A4 styles.

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