Concepting the A4

A4.Org is a repository of information about the A4. It grows daily with owners' comments, thoughts, experiments and suggestions. One area that is lacking, however, centers around the history of the A4. We all know that the Audi 90 was replaced by the A4 for the 1996 model year. The rest of the details are a little fuzzy.

The history of the A4 was one issue that I researched during A4.Org's trip to Ingolstadt earlier this year. I was hoping to maybe find some documentation on the background of the A4 -- things like design trials, engineering tests, market studies and employees' thoughts. I was disappointed to be unable to find anything official. The one thing that I did find has turned out to be quite interesting however.

AudiWorld is proud to present exclusive pre-production concept sketches of the A4 for the first time anywhere on the Internet. These original images are graciously presented courtesy of Audi AG's press department. Enjoy!

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