It seems every month someone on the forum asks about the next-generation A4. Most of the time these people have seen a "spy" photo either on a web site or in a magazine. What most people don't know is that all of these images are fake, created by somebody taking an existing photo and modifying it to look like a future model.

When A4.Org was in Germany back in February, we were able to meet with the A4 Brand Management Team at Audi AG. We asked them about the spy photos we have all seen. First they had a good laugh about the images, then they confirmed that the images published so far have been fake. I was told that they are presented with such photos on a regular basis and usually they appear in car magazines as 'exclusive scoops'. In most cases the images are just a mix design elements from the most recent cars to produce a new design for the A4.

This article will show you the most common "spy" photos seen to date, give a little insight on how they are created, and thoughts of when a redesigned A4 will be introduced to the market.


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