The most common fake spy photos were created by Schulte-Design in Germany. These images have been floating around the Internet and auto publications since early '98. A4.Org even put the Schulte-Design images on the home page with the title "The Next A4". Of course, this was when we didn't know any better.

The company is run by Christan Schulte and he uses Adobe Photoshop and other imaging tools to create variations of current cars. He is not employed or contracted by the auto manufacturers to create these images and most of the images are nothing more than his own imagination. I emailed Christian Schulte about the A4 images, and this is the response I got (after I had it translated from German):

"The Audi A4-Drawings were drawn on a computer and show the predicted design. Presentation will occur at the end of 2000 or the beginning of 2001. The new A4 will be somewhat larger (+ approx. 5 cm). "

Overall his response wasn't very helpful, but he does acknowledge that the images are computer generated. I still don't know exactly why Schulte-Design creates these images or where they get their info, but I think its safe to say that if you ever see any "spy" photos from them, they are not real.

Schulte-Design's images can be more commonly found at the AutoMedia website.


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