Introduction - by Matt Daniels

We all have miss opportunities in life. This is one that I won't soon forget.

I had been working out of my home as a freelance graphic designer for a few months, but then a local advertising agency offered me a position. The money was right, the benefits were good and it was close to home and since my freelance had kind of died off a little for the summer, I decided to accept the job.

1552 Designs TT parked at Johns house.

Coming home from my first day of work, I had a message from Adrian Jones from 1552 Design (formerly VW Sport USA). The message said that he had an "interesting proposition" for me. After playing a little phone tag that night, Adrian and I finally got together later in the evening. He tells me that they just bought a car from the Provo, Utah dealership and wanted to see if I could drive it to them. When Adrian told me what type of car it was, I thought he said "GT" as in a Golf Gti, so I wasn't too disappointed that I had to turn him down, although it would still would have been fun to do the road trip. I told Adrian that John Stahmann was available to drive the car if they were interested. Adrian seemed up to the idea, but he had to check with his business partner Brad since it was his car. I told Adrian I would give John a call and see if he could do it.

I immediately called John on his cell phone. He answered and I asked what he was doing "Just hanging out in Huntington Beach". I asked if he wanted to drive this car to 1552 Design. He immediately says, "That's that TT I posted about on the forum a few days ago, they saw my post and bought the car." It was then that I discovered that the car was a TT and not a Gti. Now I was upset, a TT completely changed things, for a moment a actually thought about blowing-off my new job so I could drive this TT across the country, but unfortunately sanity came rushing back into my mind. I gave John all the details and he seemed up to the job. He cut his California vacation short by a couple of days and drove home.

The A4.Org plate frame and custom plate.

Adrian and Brad agreed to have John drive the car and on Saturday John was able to pick it up from the dealer. He came by my house with it and we took it for a spin. We also put one of the A4.Org license plate frames on the car and made a custom plate with the Audi-TT.Org web address on it.

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