October 16, 1999

Modifications to European TT sports cars
Easier to control close to the stability limits; no charge for modifications
From the Audi AG Press Release

As announced, AUDI AG today revealed the technical features that are to be modified with a view to altering the road behaviour of its successful Audi TT sports car. The Ingolstadt-based company is thus responding to recent criticism of the car's handling in certain situations at high speed close to the limits of stability.

The scheduled measures affect both the car's suspension and its aerodynamic performance. Modified stabilizers are to be fitted to the front suspension of front-wheel-drive models, and quattro versions will have these stabilizers fitted at both front and rear. A correspondingly modified wishbone will be fitted at the front, together with firmer damper settings at the front and rear.

In addition to these suspension modifications, the TT will receive a rear spoiler.

With the modified suspension settings and the rear spoiler, the TT will retain its satisfying agility, while the limits of stability will be spread over a broader range, with the result that drivers will find the car easier to keep under control.

As of the beginning of December the modifications will start going into series production. Meanwhile, Audi will be requesting all TT owners to bring their car into a workshop to have the modified and additional components fitted free of charge. For production and logistical reasons, the after-sales measures will be implemented in two phases: the suspension modifications will be carried out first, followed by the retrofitting of the spoiler. Once the necessary parts are available, Audi dealers will be able to perform the modifications for customers at short notice.

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