Kenwood KVT-911 6.5in Indash DVD Player w/ Touchscreen

By: Michael Pham     Email: [email protected]    (Mar-02)

Make & model of car the product was used on: 1997 Audi A4 2.8 QM

 I purchased my car because I wanted something more luxurious to drive to work in. Now everyone knows that there isn't much to do to a 97 2.8 12v A4 to increase performance, so I decided to go w/ a mobile multi-media set-up.  I decided to purchase the Kenwood KVT-911 indash dvd player w/ touchscreen and I have been very impressed so far.  It comes w/ the built in tv tuner and 2 diversity antennas.  I recently went to Las Vegas w/ some buddies and I hooked up my PS2 to the Kenwood and everyone was having a good time.  This unit retails for between $2,500-2,700 in southern california, but I got a rippin' deal @ $1,700  Picture is great, user interface is exceptionally easy and it also comes w/ a remote, if you want to have the screen folded into the Unit.  The touchscreen is an awesome feature that no one else on the market offers...   

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