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Welcome to the AudiWorld Tech section. Since 1996 we have written and collected articles containing specific information about do-it-yourself maintenance and other hard-to-find how-to tips. While we generate our own technical articles from time to time, AudiWorld Tech articles are generally based on the experiences of our readers. If you have performed specific upgrades or modifications to your Audi or have information that you believe should be shared with others, then you are strongly encouraged to submit that information for a Tech article. Submit articles by e-mailing to [email protected].

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Audi 3.2 FSI Upper Timing Chain Tensioner Replacement
Article By: mkongsiri– 2017
Ignition/Start Switch & Lock Cylinder R & R  (100,200,80,90)
Article By: Bernie Benz – 2015
LP Fuel Pump DIY Replacement – Audi A4 B7 Quattro
Article By: betyouaint– 2015
Solution for water in the passenger side footwell (Q5)
Article By: rs4-380– 2014
DIY 55k Service 2005 C6
Article By: r1racer– 2014
Article By: kdagher– 2014
MMI Screen Repair Instructions
Article By: mishar – 2013
Head Gasket 3.0L AVK engine 2004 Audi A6 Avant quattro
Article By: Michael C – 2013
Fixing poor AM/FM radio reception
Article By: Kevin Kieffer – 2013
Coolant Temperature Sensor replacement ’02 S6
Article By:Just Me – 2011
Removing/Installing Wheel (Q5) *updated*
Article By: Reggie – 2010
Rear Window Lockout Switch Repair (C5)
Article By: flannag – 2010
Installing a TTRS Steering Wheel into a B7 Audi RS4 (B7)
Article By: Reggie – 2010
Installing aux MP3 input – Audi head units (C5)
Article By: Fabio Stocco – 2009
Installing Tow-hitch and wiring harness
Article By: Kevin Kieffer – 2009
Audi A6 Crank Vent System Explained (C5)
Article By: David Hoerl – 2009
TOM TOM Dock Install (B5)
Article By: TwinTurboTerror – 2009
TOM TOM Dock Install (C5/allroad)
Article By: TwinTurboTerror – 2009
Instrument Cluster LCD Replacement
Article By: Laser Red In Raleigh – 2009
Water Leak (at the ECU BOX) Repair
Article By: WECoyote-SuperGenius – 2009
DIY Alignment
Article By: Bernie Benz- 2009