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(A4) = Audi A4 (A8) = Audi A8 (80/90) = Audi 80 and 90
(S4) = Audi S4 (TT) = Audi TT (GA) = General Article
(A6) = Audi A6 (AR) = Audi allroad (OA) = Other Audi
Model(s) Description
A4 LP Fuel Pump DIY Replacement – Audi A4 B7 Quattro
Article By: betyouaint– 2015
A4 Heater Core Flush
Article By: TristanP- 2008
A4 Testpipe on 1.8t ATW
Article By: BSK – 2008
A4 DIY Oil Change 2.0l
Article By: adminisTerTurbo – 2008
A4 1.8T Quattro and FWD Clutch Replacement (B5)
Article By: AaronBryan – 2008
A4,A6 2.8 Serpentine Belt Tensioner Replacement
Article By: Kris Hansen – 2007
A4,A6 3.0 V6 Timing Belt Service
Article By: a_CQ – 2007
A4,A6 Cleaning The Throttle Valve (2.8)
Article By: Kris Hansen – 2007
A4,A6 Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement (2.8)
Article By: Kris Hansen – 2007
A4 Thermostat Replacement (B6)
Article By: Matt Devo- 2007
A4 Tiptronic MultiFunction Switch Replacement (B5)
Article By: Nate – 2007
A4 Understanding Oxygen Sensors (B5)
Article By: Shard7 – 2007
A4 1.8t Water Pump/Timing Belt (B6)
Article By: 1/4 scale – 2007
S4 S4 Engine Pull (B5)
Article By: Mike2kS4::ASP- 2007
A4 Filling Transmission mount with Urethane
Article By: Monkeyboy- 2007
A4 Replacing Fuel Injector Gaskets
Article By: Monkeyboy – 2006
A4 Replacing 1.8t Valve Cover Gasket
Article By: Kenny Garreau – 2006
A4 Shift Lever U Joint Fix
Article By: HJB – 2006
A4 Seafoam Treatment
Article By: BSK – 2006
A4,A6,90 Removing and Cleaning ICV (12v V6)
Article By:Kris Hansen – 2006
A4,S4 S4/RS4 SAC pressure plates:How to check/set the SAC mechanism
Article By: [email protected] – 2006
A4 Power Steering Cooler Install
Article By: bitjockey – 2006
A4,S4 Fuel Pump Seal (B5)
Article By: S4wanabe – 2006
A4 External Oil Cooler Install (B5 1.8t)
Article By: Point By – 2006
A4 Coolant Flange Replacement (1.8t)
Article By: BSK – 2006
A4 1.8t DV Install
Article By: BSK – 2005 
A4 Supersprint Exhaust Install (B5 1.8t)
Article By: BSK – 2005
A4 N75 Valve Replacement (B5 1.8t)
Article By: BSK – 2005
A4 Labree Downpipe Installation (B5 1.8t FWD)
Article By: shep 1.8t – 2005
A4, A6 Suction Pump Replacement (2.8)
Article By: audiSean – 2005
A4 Coolant Sensor Replacement (B6 1.8t)
Article By: fourwheelslide – 2004
A4, S4 Low temp Thermo-Switch for S4 (B5) After-Run System
Article By: Andrew Lundy – 2004
A4 B5 A4 Engine Mount Replacement
Article By: HurricaneSteve / Will Mahoney – 2004
A4 Neuspeed Short Shifter Install (A4 6-speed)
Article By: Alex Demsky – 2004
S4 Stratmosphere Short Shifter Install (B6 S4)
Article By: M�chtigAvant – 2004
A4 Replacing the Engine Coolant Sensor
Article By: Victor Silva – 2004
A4, S4 Replacing the Rear Differential Mount
Article By: Nick Gustas – 2004
A4 Replacing the Clutch Master/Slave Cylinders
Article By: Paul Zak – 2004
A4 Fuel Filter Replacement
Article By: Mike Staley – 2004
A4 A4 1.8Tq Clutch Replacement
Article By: xr4tic – 2004
A4 Replacing the Coolant Temperature Sensor
Article By: Eric Seto – 2003
A4 Replacing Clutch Master/Slave Cylinders
Article By: Paul Zak – 2003
A4 Air Filter Upgrade
Article By: Phil Becker – 2003
A4 Installing a K&N Filter
Article By: jcraley – 2003
A4 Spark Plug Installation(2.8 Engine)
Article By: Jim Baulsir – 2002
A4 Installing an Electric Fan Kit
Article By: got_root? – joe/zyxt and A4Anth – 2001
A4 Replacing the Timing Belt (A4 1.8t)
Article By: Ben Hardt – 2001
A4 Replacing the Timing Belt (A4 1.8t)
Article By: Andy TN – 2001
A4 1.8T Chip Upgrade & HKS Turbo Timer
Article By: Anthony Hladun – 2001
A4 K04 Turbo Upgrade
Article By: Don Pavlik – 2000
A4 Turbo Timer Installation (Greddy Turbo Timer III)
Article By: James Reedy – 2000
A4 K&N Air Filter Fitment
Article By: Mark Jacobson – 2000
A4 Air Filter Upgrade Options
Article By: Steve Sherwood (AudiWorld) – 1998
A4 Removing the ECU
Article By: Greg Heidt – 1998
A4 What is the Moan/Groan from the 1.8T Engine?
Article By: Tom Fric – 1998
A4 Malfunction Indicator Light – Common Problems
Article By: Mike S. – 1998
A4 Oil Filter Change (A Potential Problem to Avoid)
Article By: Philip – 1998
A4 How to Change Your Oil
Article By: Ross Manges – 1997
A4, A6 Throttle Body Modification for 12v Engine
Article By: Dan Masi – 1997
Model(s) Description
S4 Fuel Gauge Sending Unit Replacement (B6)
Article By: Hindsight – 2007
S4 Installing an Oil Catch Can (B5)
Article By:BLK01S4 – 2006
S4 Re-greasing Hyperboost Diverter Valves (B5)
Article By: BLK01S4 – 2006
S4 Turning Water into Horsepower (Water Injection) (B5)
Article By: Jeff Jones – 2006
S4 RS4 Intercooler Installation On S4 (B5)
Article By: [email protected] – 2006
S4 DIY Downpipes (Off Road Use Only) (B5)
Article By: OC Avant – 2006
S4, A6, AR EGT Sensor Swap
Article By: Steve Trac- 2005
S4, A6, AR 2.7T Timing Belt Replacement
Article By: RMcQ
S4 RS4 Oil Cooler Installation
Article By: Vr life – 2004
S4, A6, AR Replacing S4 Valve Cover Gasket
Article By: Andrew (Qcrazy) – 2004
S4 S4 Downpipe Installation
Article By: Adam Garcia – 2002
S4 S4 Turbo Matrix
Article By: s4what – 2002
S4, A6, AR S4 Turbo Timer Afterrun Coolant Pump Integration
Article By: Eric “Keman” Uratchko – 2002
S4, A6, AR APR 2.7t BiPipe (Cure for the Troublesome TBB)
Article By: Don Pavlik – 2001
S4 Improved Driveline Control
Article By: Don Pavlik – 2001
S4 Forge-Milltek Cat-Back Exhaust
Article By: Don Pavlik – 2001
S4, A6, AR, TT Intake Air Charge Temperature
Article By: Don Pavlik – 2001
S4 Torn Bypass Valves
Article By: Don Pavlik – 2001
S4 Bypass Valve Testing
Article By: Don Pavlik – 2001
S4 Installing an Intercooler Mister
Article By: Don Pavlik – 2000
S4 Throttle Body Hose Replacement
Article By: Don Pavlik – 2000
S4 Installing an Air Filter
Article By: Don Pavlik – 2000
S4 K&N Air Filter Testing
Article By: Don Pavlik – 2000
S4 S4 Performance Testing
Article By: Don Pavlik – 2000
Model(s) Description
A6, Q5 Audi 3.2 FSI Upper Timing Chain Tensioner Replacement
Article By: mkongsiri– 2014
A6 DIY 55k Service 2005 C6
Article By: r1racer– 2014
A6,S6 Coolant Temperature Sensor replacement ’02 S6 (C5)
Article By: Just Me – 2011
A6,A4 Audi A6 Crank Vent System Explained (C5)
Article By: David Hoerl – 2009
A6 2.7t Valve Cover/Cam Chain Seals
Article By: absolutcq20v- 2007
A6 Replacing Fuel Pump (C5)
Article By: Robert Gedeon – 2006
A6 Walbro – V8/A100 fuel pump in C5
Article By: Robert Gedeon – 2006
A6 DIY N75 Replacement (2.7t)
Article By: Robert Gedeon – 2006
A6,allroad Spark Plug Swap (C5, 2.7t)
Article By: Robert Gedeon – 2006 
A6 Breather Hose Repair (C5, 2.8)
Article By: Kris Hansen – 2006
A6 Auxiliary coolant pump replacement(2.7t)
Article By: Truewit – 2005
A6 A6 2.8 Timing Belt and Water Pump
Article By: Dan Larson – 2002
A6 Insulating the Air Mass Sensor
Article By: Choy Ngee Hoe – 2000
Model(s) Description
A8 A8 Valve Cover Gasket Replacement
Article By: PaulW – 2002
Model(s) Description
80/90 12v V6 Timing Belt/pump/seals/etc (B4)
Article By: Catamount90 – 2007
80/90 10V 5 Cylinder Timing Belt/Water Pump Service (B3)
Article By: S4gasm ~ (aka LoTR) – 2007
80/90 Polishing 12v Intake Manifold
Article By: Greg Kiernan – 2005
Model(s) Description
AR Fan Control Module Replacement
Article By: RMcQ
AR Allroad Oil Change
Article By: RMcQ
Model(s) Description
TT Master Cylinder Replacement (TT)
Article By: Melvin Gale – 2007
TT Alternator Replacement (TT)
Article By: SparTTan – 2006
Model(s) Description
GA Motor Oil, Life Blood For Your Audi
Article By: Audi Junkie- 2006
GA Troubleshooting Oxygen Sensor Trouble Codes 2331 and 2341
Article By: Sandor Foldesi – 2004
GA Tiptronic Recode for FWD and Non-US Vehicles
Article By: Alex Smith – 2004
GA Physical Differences Between K03 and K04
Article By: driveslikegranny – 2004
GA Oxygen Sensor Modification
Article By: Keman – 2004
GA VW/Audi 2.8 V6 Timing Belt/Water Pump
Article By: ARK – 2002
GA Tip ECU Removal Instructions
Article By: Silvertip – 2002
GA Exhaust Systems 101
Article By: Unknown – 2001
GA Timing Belt Replacement II
Article By: Ricardo David – 2001
GA Timing Belt Replacement
Article By: Don Pavlik – 2000
GA Making Sense of Synthetic Lubricants
Article By: Don Stevens – 2000
GA More than you want to know about MOTOR OIL
Article By: Jim TT – 2000
GA Engine Oil Viscosity Discussion
Article By: John Wilkinson – 1999
GA An Introduction to Chip Tuning
Article By: Rodney Spear – 1999
GA An Overview of 5v Engine Technology
Article By: Audi Magazine – 1997