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Model(s)   Description
A4,S4 Slow Wiper DIY fix (B6)
Article By: xlrider - 2008
A4,S4 B6 Foglight Bulb Replacement
Article By: YYC_A4 - 2008
A4,S4 Door Latch Replacement (B5)
Article By: Dan Alwood - 2008
A4,S4 Unclog Avant Sunroof Drains (B5)
Article By: Roque S4 - 2008
A4 Custom Dual HID Projector Headlights
Article By: Roger @ CapitalAudi - 2007
A4 Plasti Dip Grille Trim (B5)
Article By: 4Ring Jelly - 2007
A4 A4 Ultrasport Lower Bumper Retrofit (B6)
Article By: Matt Devo - 2007
S4,A4 DIY Painted Grille Panel(B7)
Article By: RichAA - 2007
S4,A4 Front Bumper Removal (B7)
Article By:4RingS4 - 2006
S4,A4 Snub Mount Install (B6)
Article By:Eddie Man - 2006
RS4,S4,A4 Snub Mount Install (B7)
Article By:Eddie Man - 2006
RS4,S4,A4 Painted Bumper Reflectors (No Bumper Removal Required) (B7)
Article By: Eddie Man - 2006
RS4,S4 RS4 Front Filler Panel Installation (B7)
Article By:sparkhill - 2006
S4, A4 Removing Stock Mirror Housings / Installing RS4/6 housings (B5)
Article By: LI-S4 - 2006
A4 Procedure to clear sunroof drain (B5)
Article By: Monkeyboy - 2006
A4 Full Sized Passenger Side Mirror(B5)
Article By: michael - stanton - 2005
A4, S4 License Plate Bulb Conversion
Article By: Christian Hieras - 2004
A4 McCulloch 6000K HID (H7) Kit Install
Article By: Ed J. - 2004
A4 Installing S4 Lower Trim
Article By: Norman deDios - 2002
A4 Lower Grille Chrome Trim
Article By: DigitalA4 - 2002
A4 A4 Clear Corner Modification
Article By: ErikNYC - 2002
A4 Tail Lights: Upgrade 96-98 to the New Style
Article By: Scott Sierakowski - 2002
A4 High Intensity Discharge (HID) Xenon Gas Conversion
Article By: William "Will" Mahoney - 2001
A4, S4 DYI Center Sport Grill
Article By: Matt LeBlanc - 2001
A4, S4 Installing a Lip Spoiler
Article By: Don Pavlik - 2001
A4, S4 Dual Rear Fog Lamp Modification
Article By: Matthew LeBlanc - 2001
A4 City Light Wiring for Pre '99.5 with Euro Headlights
Article By: Jim Baulsir - 2001
A4, S4 How to Adjust Xenon Lights ('00+)
Article By: Jason Harris - 2000
A4, S4, A6 Clear Corners for One Piece Headlamps
Article By: Jasyn Chen - 2000
A4 Windshield Wiper Blackout Trim Upgrade
Article By: Paul Zak - 2000
A4, A6, S4 How Splash Guards Can Damage Your Audi
Article By: Christian J. Long - 1999
A4 VALEO Euro Headlight Installation (for pre '99.5)
Article By: Drew Senko - 1999
A4 BOSCH Euro Headlight Conversion (for pre '99.5)
Article By: Todd Becker - 1999
A4 Control Fog Lights Independently from Headlights and Rear Foglight
Article By: James Wu - 1999
A4 Do-it-Yourself Sports Grille
Article By: Robert Jordan - 1999
A4 Sport Mirrors Installation
Article By: Jon Linkov - 1998
A4 Bike & Ski Rack
Article By: AudiWorld - 1998
A4 Clear Side Markers ('98 and earlier)
Article By: Jason Meaden - 1998
A4 Disabling the Daytime Running Lights (DRL) on a Canadian model A4
Article By: Jason Meaden - 1998
A4 Prevent Fog Lights from Cutting Out when Using Brights
Article By: Christian J. Long - 1998
A4 Understanding Headlight Technologies
Article By: Daniel Stern Lighting - 1998
A4, S4, A6, A8 Why is Pearl Paint "Special"?
Article By: Greg Heidt - 1997
A4 Installing Splash Guards
Article By: Jay - 1997
Model(s)   Description
S4 S4 Front Bumper Alignment
Article By: Randy Yee - 2002
S4, A4 S4 to RS4-look Bumper Conversion
Article By: Dave - 2002
S4 Adding S4 Badge to RS4 Grille
Article By: Hugh - 2001
S4 S4 Euro HID Install
Article By: Nick - 2001
S4, A4 Mud Guard Installation
Article By: Avram Dorfmanon - 2001
S4, A4 Control Fog Lights Independently from Headlights and Rear Foglight
Article By: Peter Harren - 2000
Model(s)   Description
A6 DIY Guide to 2001 Bumper Skin Removal
Article By: Richard Solomon - 2007
A6 C6 Shark Fin Antenna on C5
Article By: 5speed6- 2007
A6 RS6 Front Bumper Grille on Narrow Body (C5)
Article By: 5Speed6 - 2007
A6 RS6 Front Grille on Narrow Body Hood (C5)
Article By: 5Speed6 - 2007
A6 RS6 Spoiler Install
Article By: Boston Driver - 2006
S6,S4,S8 How to refinish an Aluminum Mirror
Article By: GBW - 2006
A6 Euro A6 Trunk License Plate Surround
Article By: 5speed6 - 2005
A6 A6 Clear Corner Mod for Dummies
Article By: Steve Linder - 2002
A6 Installing S6 Grilles
Article By: Stoney - 2002
A6 Rear Fog Light Modification
Article By: Scott - 2000
Model(s)   Description
TT Installing Stage III HID Headlights
Article By: David M. Fravel - 2003
TT Removing the Rear Spoiler
Article By: Tim Hayden - 2001
TT Are the Rear View Mirrors Always Heated?
Article By: BZ - 2001
Model(s)   Description
80/90 Repairing Trunk Hinge Wiring
Article By: Clone510 - 2005
Model(s)   Description
GA Headlamp Reconditioning Process
Article By: Jeff Baranowski - 2007
GA Fixing Slow Wipers
Article By: Tom Kliem - 2004
GA Troy's Guide to Car Care Nirvana
Article By: TroyH - 2003
GA Painting Brake Calipers
Article By: Bluebird - 2004
GA Removing Clearcoat Scratches by Wet Sanding
Article By: Fred Chen - 2002
GA Home Guide to Wheel Scuff Repair
Article By: NASA Racer - 2002
GA DIY Smoked Tail Lights
Article By: Niall - 2001
GA Installing X-Pel Headlight Protectors
Article By: Dave Wruck - 2001
GA Removing the Front Badge
Article By: Zach - 2001
GA Exhaust Tip Polishing
Article By: Denny Cannon - 2001
GA B-Pillar Rattles
Article By: Rob Fox - 2001
GA Replacing Fog Light Lightbulbs
Article By: CF - 2000
GA Washer Nozzle Adjustment
Article By: Don Pavlik - 2000
GA How to Debadge Your Car
Article By: Jasyn Chen - 1999
GA Bra (Nose Mask)
Article By: Dale Kirstein - 1998
GA Removing Tar and Road Grime
Article By: AudiWorld - 1996

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