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Model(s)   Description
A4, S4,RS4 Installing a TTRS Steering Wheel into a B7 Audi RS4 (B7)
Article By: Reggie - 2010
A4, S4 TOM TOM Dock Install (B5)
Article By: TwinTurboTerror - 2009
A4, S4 Slipping Armrest DIY Repair (B5)
Article By: Stealth162 - 2008
A4, S4 OEM RS4 Seats Install (B5)
Article By: Kevin/Roque S4 - 2008
A4 Heated Seats Retrofit (B5)
Article By: GBW - 2008
A4, S4 Installing an auxiliary 12V outlet B6 A4 & S4 (B6)
Article By: 3 bar - 2008
A4, S4 Rear Window Regulator Replacement (B6)
Article By: corrado89 - 2007
A4, S4 Window Regulator Replacement (B5)
Article By: Neo1130 - 2007
A4, S4 Instrument Cluster Removal & Cleaning (B6)
Article By: a_CQ - 2007
A4, S4 Removing the A4 in-dash cup holder (B6)
Article By: Arthur Marks - 2006
A4, S4 Airbags and Aftermarket Seats(B6)
Article By: Jet Jockey/A4 Pilot - 2006
A4, S4 S4 Armrest Fix
Article By: Mike Hawley - 2005 
A4, S4 Heater Core Change (B5)
Article By: Kris Hansen - 2005
A4, S4 Autopower Roll Bar (B5)
Article By: Point By - 2005
A4, S4 B Pillar Trim Removal (B5)
Article By: smiley - 2005
A4, S4 Interior Door Handle Replacement
Article By: fc2004 - 2004
A4, S4 Refrigerated (air cooled) Glove Box Install
Article By: Need for Sleep - 2004
A4, S4 Locking System Modification
Article By: Phil Becker - 2004
A4, S4 Painting Interior Trim
Article By: Kenny (turbo dremel) - 2004
A4, S4 DIY Short Shifter
Article By: Phil Becker - 2003
A4 Installing Gauge Trim Rings
Article By: dacollector - 2003
A4 Eliminating Map Light Rattles
Article By: Sohcrates - 2002
A4, S4 Installing NR Gauge Face
Article By: Ching Hung -2002
A4, S4 Installing a Shortshifter
Article By: Paul 858 - 2002
A4, S4 Removing and Installing Rear Speakers
Article By: AudiGirl315 - 2001
A4, S4 SPP A-Pillar Pod and Omori 60mm Boost Gauge
Article By: Taner Halicioglu - 2001
A4, S4, A6, A8, TT Repairing Scratches to Onyx Interior Panels
Article By: Michael "IronMike" Huoh - 1999
A4, S4 Create Brushed Aluminum Trim from your Existing Aluminum Trim Pieces
Article By: John Stahmann (AudiWorld) - 1999
A4, S4, A6, A8, OA Understanding the Climate Control System
Article By: Christian J. Long - 1998
A4, S4 Unlocking the Secrets within the Climate Control Panel (M.Y. 2000 up)
Article By: Mark Quinn - 2000
A4 Unlocking the Secrets within the Climate Control Panel
Article By: Mark Quinn - 1998
A4 Cup Holder Modification for Center Console
Article By: Christian J. Long - 1998
A4 Coin Holder Installation
Article By: Christian J. Long - 1998
A4 Ecru-Royal Blue Cloth (1998)
Article By: AudiWorld - 1998
A4 Audi Gauge Face Install
Article By: Brendan M. Lopez - 1998
A4 Front Floor Mat Tie Downs
Article By: Christian J. Long - 1998
A4 A Replacement for Stock Cup Holders
Article By: Keith Meaden - 1997
A4 Removing the Front Seats
Article By: Keleigh Hardie - 1997
A4, A6 What are those Interior Grilles?
Article By: Jason Meaden - 1997
A4 Installing a Schroth Rallye 4 Harness
Article By: Bob Cotton - 1997
A4 Why are the Power Locks So Slow? ('96-97 models)
Article By: Ti Kan - 1997
A4, A6 Resetting Power Windows after Battery Disconnect ('96-97 models)
Article By: AudiWorld - 1997
A4 Removing the Rear Deck
Article By: Dan Masi - 1996
A4 Dash Panel -- Driver's Side Footwell (Removing)
Article By: Dan Masi - 1996
A4 Removing the Rear Seats
Article By: Dan Masi - 1996
A4 How to Remove Front Door Panels
Article By: Dan Masi - 1996
A4 Removing the Headliner
Article By: Dan Masi - 1996
A4 Installing Intermittent Wipre Controls ('97 model)
Article By: Bob Petruska - 1996
A4 How to add an Armrest
Article By: AudiWorld - 1996
A4 Removing the A-pillar
Article By: Dan Masi - 1996
A4 Removing the Center Console
Article By: Dan Masi - 1996
Model(s)   Description
S4 O.CT Boost Gauge
Article By: Don Pavlik - 2002
S4 Seat Modification: How to Make More Headroom
Article By: Don Pavlik - 2001
S4 & Others Auto-Dimming Mirrors
Article By: Don Pavlik - 2000
S4 Sunshade Installation
Article By: Brad Bloomquist - 2000
Model(s)   Description
allroad/A6 TOM TOM Dock Install (C5)
Article By: TwinTurboTerror - 2009
allroad/A6 Short Shifter Install
Article By: Eric Harten- 2008
A6 Headliner Removal And Replacement
Article By: Boston Driver - 2007
A6 Audax Speaker Install/Upgrade (C5)
Article By: bac2h - 2007
A6 Sticky Cupholder Repair (C5)
Article By: EliT - 2006
A6 Heater Core Swap (C4)
Article By: Brdman* - 2006
A6 Window Guide Replacement
Article By: Dan Larson - 2004
A6 A-Pillar Removal
Article By: JimL - 2002
A6 Retrofitting a Tiptronic Steering Wheel
Article By: Hervé - 2002
Model(s)   Description
Q7 Rear Seat Headrest Removal
Article By: mksap11 - 2007
Model(s)   Description
TT DesignParts Armrest w/ modified cup holder
Article By: Marc3.2TT - 2006
TT Boost Gauge Installation Audi TT 2001 180CQ
Article By: [email protected] - 2002
TT How to Keep Front Seats From Squeaking
Article By: Ivan - 2001
Model(s)   Description
80/90 Heater Core Change (90)
Article By: Greg Kiernan - 2005
Model(s)   Description
GA   Tiptronic shift cover: Brushed Aluminum Project
Article By: owneds4
GA Installing the Passat Cupholder
Article By: Eric Seto - 2002
GA Mirror Compass Upgrade
Article By: Joshua - 2002
GA Auto-dimming Mirror Upgrade
Article By: Steve Brown - 2001
GA Sunglass Holder from the New Beetle
Article By: Christian Long - 2001
GA Trip Computer Display
Article By: Don Pavlik - 2000

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