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(A4) = Audi A4(A8) = Audi A8(OA) = Other Audi
(S4) = Audi S4(TT) = Audi TT(GA) = General Article
(A6) = Audi A6 (AR) = Audi allroad 

Model(s)   Description
A4,S4   Water Leak (at the ECU BOX) Repair
Article By: WECoyote-SuperGenius - 2009
A4,S4   Slow Wiper Fix (B5)
Article By: De - 2006
A4   Replacing Transmission Mounts(B5 1.8t)
Article By: BMORE_Ken - 2005
A4,S4   Steering Rack Replacement (B5 A4)
Article By: Jretal - 2005
A4   Stasis Limited Slip Differential Installation (B6)
Article By: Jet Jockey- 2005
A4   Changing the Cabin Air Filter
Article By: Stephan
A4 Changing the Rear Differential Gear Oil
Article By: Ron Curry - 2004
A4 Changing the Transmission Gear Oil
Article By: Ron Curry - 2004
A4 A4 Forum FAQ
Article By: Sal Rosales - 2001
A4, S4 Reprogramming Audi Switchblade Keys
Article By: Craig Liess - 2000
A4 Do-it-Yourself Sway Bar Installation
Article By: Steve Sherwood (AudiWorld) - 1999
A4 Audi A4 Scale Models
Article By: Kevin Chen - 1999
A4, S4, A6, OA Cargo Net for the Trunk
Article By: Steve Sherwood (AudiWorld) - 1999
A4 Fixing Wind Noise Problems
Article By: Gordon A. Feingold - 1999
A4 '98 -vs- '98.5 A4 (What's the Difference?)
Article By: Robert Overcash - 1998
A4 Air Conditioning (& Defogging) Examined
Article By: Dan Cline - 1998
A4 Instructions for Adding Remote Keyless Entry ('98 model)
Article By: Jim Voros - 1998
A4 Exhaust System - Rasping Noise (12v)
Article By: Greg Heidt - 1997
A4 Do Not Fuel While Engine Started
Article By: AudiWorld - 1997
A4 What is that Gargling Sound?
Article By: Greg Heidt - 1997
A4 What is an Immobilizer Key?
Article By: AudiWorld - 1997
A4 Reprogramming Keyless Entry ('97 model)
Article By: Mark Quinn - 1997
Model(s)   Description
A6 Fuel Door Lock Repair
Article By: valkr1e - 2006
Model(s)   Description
AR Pollen Filter Replacement
Article By: RMcQ
Model(s)   Description
S4 ToyGuy Shortshifter Tweaks (B5)
Article By: unknown - 2007
S4 Buying Guide for older B5 S4
Article By:Keman - 2006
S4 S4 Headlight Washer Pump Replacement
Article By: Dylan Oxford - 2002
S4 UUC Short Shifter Install -- S4 Biturbo
Article By: Tom Barber - 2001
S4 UUC Audi Driveline Stabilizer
Article By: Don Pavlik - 2000
Model(s)   Description
TT   Changing the TT's Haldex Fluid and Filter
Article By: JHam_CT
TT What are the TT Buyer's Demographics?
Article By: BZ - 2000
TT Adjusting a Notchy Shifter
Article By: Tom Barber - 2000
Model(s)   Description
GA Instrument Cluster LCD Replacement
Article By: Laser Red In Raleigh - 2009
GA Resyncing Remotes to the Car [Updated]
Article By: Burke - 2007
GA Remove The Nag Screen
Article By: Eddie Man - 2007
GA Work Codes
Article By: GBW - 2007
GA Flip Out Key Blade Change
Article By: BSK - 2005
GA DYI A/C Recharge (R-134a)
Article By: Brun_fid - 2004
GA Solution for a Stuck Ashtray
Article By: Keoni Ahlo - 2003
GA Adjusting Xenon Headlight Range w/ VAG-COM
Article By: David Yee - 2003
GA PocketDyno 
Article By: Don Pavlik - 2002
GA Making an Inexpensive Brake Pressure Bleeder
Article By: Michael Kim - 2001
GA Installing a Garmin StreetPilot III
Article By: Don Pavlik - 2001
GA How Aftermarket Parts Affect Your Warranty
Article By: Seth - 2000
GA High Performance Driving Tips
Article By: Steve Sherwood (AudiWorld) - 2000
GA Winter Driving "Quattro Cornering & Stopping Tips"
Article By: Ned Ritchie - 1999
GA Tamiya R/C Audi A4
Article By: Matt Daniels (AudiWorld) - 1998