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Installation of Pod/IceLink (Allroad) gragravar 2004

First off, here is the contents that came with the package:

first thing was to determine how I was going to mount the Ipod in the arm rest. to get to the arm rest you have to remove the rear air vent assembly. Use a plastic putty knife to release the clips on the top and bottom of the vent without marking the trim.

and with the clips released:

then to get to the armrest bolts you have to remove the end of the air duct. it looks like this:

from there you can get to the 13mm bolt (only one) that hold in the armrest assembly. it is the one in the middle of the aluminum cage.

Here is what the assembly looks like with when removed:

to make room inside the armrest, I did have to remove the cupholder. (that is the only downside of this that I can see.)

once I had test fit the Ipod and cradle, I proceed to hook things into the stereo. After pulling the stereo I had to fish the wires through from the drivers side near the pedals. thanks to help from others here I knew this was where to put the wires. Since others had problems pulling the wires through I grabbed the trusty fish tape to help pull them.

I also decided I didn't like all the free wires floating around back there so I wrapped them with plastic wire organizer. here it is on the first section:

I then located the silver box on top of the trim piece next to where the hole for the owners manual is. I held it in place with some double sided tape. I routed the wires back to the armrest through the trim along the edge of the center tunnel.

Now it was time to mount the cradle. to keep screws from comming through the bottom of the armrest, I again used the industrial strength double sided tape. Audi provided a nice route for the wire under the trim on the side of the armrest. I did have to drill one 1/2 inch hole under the trim to the inside of the armrest to get the cable through.

from there all that was left was re-installing the armrest,and vent, hooking up the last connection from the wires in the front to the one comming from the cradle, and tucking the wires in along the center console trim.

Here was the finished product:

Sound quality is better than either the FM transmitter or the tape deck adapter. For some reason my FF/RW controls are not working - I'll ask Dennison about that on Monday. Overall I'd give this one a thumbs up.

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