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Escort Passport 8500 X50 Custom Install Valentin Berechet 2004

Escort sells the Direct-Wire SmartCord kit for $34.00 shipped. The Passport 8500 X50 comes with a SmartCord, which has a built in mute button and warning LED, but it's the cigerette lighter type.

I started messing with the cigerrete lighter power adapter and after taking it apart, realized I could make a Direct-Wire SmartCord similar to what Escort sales.

The pictures jump around a bit in the order that I worked on it. It took me a good couple of hours but it was very easy and fun work. This is going to be a picture by picture how to..but I'll add some comments here and there to clarify.


The charger is held together with two screws. Once these are removed, you can seperate the two pieces and expose the inside. As you can see, the front display is a sticker/decal.

$6.99 12 ft. black telephone cable from Radio Shack with RJ11 plugs on each end.

Take a look at the plug ends. The one on the far left is the Passport's original RJ11 plug. The telephone cord has one end that matches (on the far right) and one that doesn't (in the middle). Cut off the end that doesn't match (middle) and keep the one that matches (this end will be plugged into the detector)

As can be seen in the picutre, once the black outer sleeve is cut back, the four wires match the wires used in the Passport's SmartCord. Simply match them up.

To remove the map light/sunroof controls, start by popping off the first light cover by simply using a butter knife.

Do the same with the rear light cover. They are both held in by clips, no screws to remove.

Finally, remove the two screws shown and pull on the entire assembly, it will easily lower down.

You will be able to see the windshild through the hole shown below. This is where the telephone wire will be fed through.

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