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Valentine One Hardware RMcQ 2005

I decided to hardwire my V1 and reviewed all the various procedure that have been posted here before. Though there were nice, clean installs posted I thought it was unnecessary to run a wire all the way down under the dash when there is plenty of wiring up in the roof.

I decided to simply tap into a 12V wire under the sunroof control panel. Piece of cake...

1. Remove Sunroof control panel by prying the front (windshield side) edge.

2. Get a standard black phone cord with RJ-11 connectors. Cut to appropriate length and route it under the small sunshade flap above rearview mirror and under plastic surround to get it inside behind the panel we removed in step 1.

3. Strip the covering back off several inches of the cord and eliminate the outer pair of copper wires. You only need the inner pair for 12V and ground.

4. Attach a round end connector to the ground wire. Anchor the connector under one of the screws that holds up the headliner (located under the panel we removed in step 1.)

5. Attach an inline fuse holder (with 1amp fuse) to the other wire (red in my case.) Then, locate a bundle of wires that is up and back (toward interior light panel) inside the opening. This bundle includes a wire that comes straight from the fuse panel. It is easily identified because it is red and purple as well as being larger gauge (lower numerically) than the other wires in the bundle. I used a simple 'vampire tap' to steal 12V power from the red/purple wire.

This is an awful picture, but it pretty much shows the whole install. The phone cord becomes two single wires (red and green in my case, but color doesn't matter). The red goes to the inline fuse holder (which looks invisible in my bad pic) and then to the vampire tap that connects inline to the large red/purple wire. The green line from the phone cord goes to the ground point shown in the upper right.

6. Check to see that your V1 works and then tuck all the wires back and re-install the panel.

7. Neatly route the black cord along the black stalk holding the mirror. Looks pretty clean and only took me about 20 minutes.

View from drivers seat:

View from passenger seat: