Tech Article Title Author Date
Fog Lights On w/o Headlights Bob Nielsen, Hank Nisiewicz 2005

I've still got the stock fogs, and the biggest problem I had was that you could only turn them on when the headlights were on.
The dispersion caused by the poor pattern of the headlights make the car almost undriveable in the thick stuff, with or without fog lights. To get around this all you have to do is remove the fog light relay under the hood and replace it with a jumper wire.

1.Remove negative lead from battery. If you have the stock stereo head unit, make sure you have the security code!
2.The relay is in the main fuse/relay panel under the hood just below the bottom of the windshield on the driver's side.
Open the fuse/relay panel cover, remove the first (horn) relay to the left. This allows easier access to the fog light relay directly behind it. Remove the fog light relay, too.
3.Get a piece (about 1.5" long) of 16 AWG wire then crimp a spade lug on each end (you can find spade lugs that are about the same size as the relay contacts at any auto parts place).
For ease of installation, the two spade lugs should be crimped oriented 90 degrees to each other.
4.Plug the jumper into relay connector terminals #11 & #13 (where #30 and #87 on the relay would plug in), which are top and bottom and whose slots are oriented 90 degrees to each other.
5.Reinstall the horn relay, reconnect the battery negative cable and test.