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Audi Telematics Replaced with Audi Bluetooth module for RNS-E ESFO 2006

Some of you might remember that I added the RNS-E nav to my car a couple months ago. Well, on Wednesday, 'Audis or VWs 4Life' and myself removed the Audi On-star brain from my car and replaced it with Audi's bluetooth module. The RNS-E has built in phone capability and since I'm not using and won't be using On-star, I got rid of it. The bluetooth module plugs in right where the telematics box did and it's all hidden away beneath the passenger floor. It was a real pain to do, with wresting with the trim, carpeting, insulation, and unbolting the passenger seat. But in the end, well worth it. I could have installed it another way that would have foregone this wrestling match, but I would have just traded it for a different method that would have required more wiring and routing of such... no thanks. With this method, you simply remove the telematics box, remove ten pins from the 42 pin connector and insert those ten pins into a new 54 pin connector. Plug it into the bluetooth module and close it all up. Then vag the car to tell it that On-star is gone and bluetooth is in the house and bam, your done. My Sonyericsson K750i, which is not available here in the states needed to have it's software updated to work flawlessly, but it does now. A list of supported phones can be found here, Click.

You can have handsfree operation through aftermarket means and pay less, but nothing is as cool or well integrated as the factory setup.

Here are some pics:





42 PIN CONNECTOR (removed from telematics module) Note that the two accompanying plugs are not needed for the bluetooth box and were simply taped to the leading wiring harness.

REMOVAL OF PINS (for insertion into 54 pin connector)


(Thanks to NSX JR for pic)


(Thanks to AudiA4B6US for pic)


(Thanks to PROXUS for pic)


(Thanks to PROXUS for pic)

Once you have this all done, use VAG-COM and re-code the car. Information on what to do can be found here, Click.

So we buttoned it back up and this is the result:

When I get into the car with my phone in my pocket I hear a little 'bong' that tells me that my phone and the car are communicating. Then if I get a call it automatically mutes the radio and I hear a ring. I have my phone set to answer by just saying "Answer" and it picks up and the callers voice comes over through the speakers. If I don't want the call I say "Busy" and it goes to voicemail. Dialing is pretty self explanitory just by looking at the pics.

Total cost for all parts necessary (from Audi):
Bluetooth Interface = $537.30 part#8P0-862-335-B
Antennae = $17.38 part#8P0-035-503-E
54 pin plug = $7.38 part#4E0-972-144

Be aware that you can buy a package from sellers on the navplus forum for similar costs. Also, for more indepth questions and answers, see the navplus forum. But I'll answer any questions I can here.

Lastly, many thanks to 'Audis or VWs 4Life' for your willing help on the effort.

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