Tech Article Title Author Date
Parrot Bluetooth Install (page2) Robert Jordan 2006

Here's what's in the Parrot CK3000 kit

1) The Parrot kit comes with ISO adapters that plug in between the Symphony II stereo and the car. Unfortunately, the A4 is a little odd and it is not as plug and play an intended.

2) The Parrot power adapter plug gives the user a choice of three different leads to use for the Mute connection. The Symphony II dosent use any of the three, so just tape them down to the rest of the wires to get them out of the way.

3) Here's the pin you want to connect the mute lead to. On my car, this entire vertical connector block on the back of the stereo was unused. If your car is different, you might want to inquire on the SIO Communications forum. Thanks again Terry for showing me which pin to connect the mute lead to!

4) Make a short lead with a small female spade connector on one end (I added shrink tubing over the entire connector and around the end a bit to be sure it didn't short out on any adjacent pins) and a suitable connector on the other end to mate with the Parrot yellow Mute wire.

5) Here's a couple of shots to show how the mute and speaker adaptor should look.

6) The Parrot power adaptor is intended to draw all the power it needs from the factory stereo. Unfortunately Audi's CAN-BUS system won't supply a suitable switched +12v.
7) Cut the orange wire with the fuse holder about an inch from where it exits the Grey Parrot connector. Tape and/or shrink tube off the 1" wire that remains.

8) Add about three or four feet of 22gauge or larger wire to the orange lead with the fuse holder.

9) Here's the finished power adaptor lead

10) Here is the stereo with both the speaker and power adaptors modded and ready to go.