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Blaupunkt ME3 DVD Player/TV Tuner for RNS-E Boston Driver 2006

PART 3: Install the Dietz 1417 and GALA switch

I decided to mount the Dietz 1417 and the GALA switch (which enables video in motion because the RNS-E thinks the car is not moving) on the glove box itself, as there is some room and the passenger side dash is closer to the connection on the back of the RNS-E for the Dietz adaptor.

Mounting the Dietz 1417 and the GALA switch in glove box

First, I removed the glove box from the car so I could work inside the house (it was getting cold outside). There are five bolts and one piece of tape that need to be removed. The first three are located at the top, accessed by opening the door to the glove box compartment. The other two are in the lower corners (picture courtesy of TeddyBGame)

I decided on a small round rocker switch I grabbed at Radio Shack for the GALA switch. For clarification, this switch is needed to trick the RNS-E that the car is not moving so it will not kill the video feed to the screen. On other platform cars, another module is needed (Dietz 1280 Video in Motion adaptor), but luckily for us C5 folks, no problem!

Using a 3/4" drill bit, I opened a hole into the top of the glove box.

Then I installed the switch.

I might change the GALA switch if I can get my hands on the "FUNK" button (posted by NSX_JR) since it is a simple on/off switch, and that button position is currently unused.

I then mounted the Dietz adaptor to the back of the glove box using the same Velcro-style stuff used for those highway toll transponders since it is very strong stuff, also found at Radio Shack.

Preparing the Dietz wiring harness

The Dietz adaptor comes with a wiring harness as shown here.

Note the four loose wires (red, white, black, green). They need to be connected to the RNS-E as follows:

Red to Power
Black to Ground
Green to CAN-low/high
White to CAN-low/high

I decided to tap into the Kufatec adaptor, so if I screwed up, all I need to do is buy another adaptor. I removed the radio to get the adaptor out.

Now the connections are made from the Dietz adaptor to the Kufatec RNS-E adaptor.

Connect adaptor to RNS-E and tap for GALA switch

I hooked up the various connectors again, but I also cut the GALA wire that I ran from the instrument cluster when I originally installed the RNS-E so I could run wires to the switch in the glove box (the orange wire).

Here are the connectors I used for the GALA switch

Here are the various cables and wires waiting to be plugged into something I also ran the A/V cables under the dash, behind the radio to this are in the passenger foot well...sorry for the dirty floor mat).

And everything except the Dietz adaptor plugged in (the wire was short, so I could not plug it in and take the picture). Note: Ignore the red audio connector in the position on the Dietz adaptor pictured here. That is supposed to the yellow video connector. I checked before I fastened everything, but I forgot to take another picture.

Then I reinstalled the glove box panel and pushed the head unit back into place.