Tech Article Title Author Date
Bose/De-Bose Your Stereo Headunit S4MadMan 2006
Code the headunit to "00107" to De-Bose. Use "00117" to Re-Bose

Here is the breakdown:
54321 where:
5 is country. 0=standard
4 is sound matching (?) 0 is the only value listed
3 is number of passive loudspeakers. 0=No passive loudspeakers (BOSE), 1=1
passive loudspeaker (BOSE with phone), 2=2 passive (front) and 2 active
(rear), 5=2 passive (front) and no active (rear)
2 is type of adjustment 0=Standard (No BOSE), 1=BOSE
1 is radio configuration based on options 1=Antenna, 3=Antenna and CD
Changer, 5=Antenna and secondary display ( NAV), 7=Antenna, CD Changer and
secondary display

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