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Steering Wheel Clock Spring Replacement SmokinS4 2006
This project started with an Airbag light.

I checked the code and it said:
00588 - Airbag Igniter: Driver Side (N95) 32-10 - Resistance too High - Intermittent

I chased down a few quicker/cheaper fixes without resolve. (See link to original thread)

The next step was to replace the clock spring. This is the part that allows the airbag to rotate, yet still maintain an electrical connection for sensor and ignition. There's also a steering sensor component, but more on that later.

The original part number was 1J0-959-654J
After researching the part, I found out that it was superceded by 1J0-959-654-AG

To replace the part, it requires the removal of the airbag, steering wheel, and steering column cowling.

One special tools is required:
12 pointed M12 star bit

Also required:
t-30 torx bit
long shaft, medium philipshead screwdriver
small rachet set with small extension

First Step: remove airbag
Turn steering wheel just enough to allow you to use the t-30 torx driver behind the steering wheel

Remove both screws. Please note that the screws remain attached to the steering wheel, when you remove it. Unplug airbag. (ignition was off)

Second Step: remove steering wheel
After removing the airbag, you will see the steering wheel bolt.

This is where the M12 Star bit comes into play. Put in the bit, and I was able to use a 1/2 inch (or 13mm) rachet. Make sure your steering wheel is locked before attempting to break the seal.

Rachet off the large bolt.

Third Step: remove steering column cowling
Using the the philipshead screwdriver, unscrew both sides underneither the column. These screws are VERY LONG, be patient, keep unscrewing.

Also remove the one t-30 torx screw in the center of the column.

Now pry the top piece off, then remove the bottom

FINALLY: Replace the Clock Spring
There are a couple of plugs, undo both of them, then unclip the 4 clips (2top,2bottom) and remove clock spring.

Apon inspection, it appeared that it may have short circuited* AND it was rather worn.

*The short circuit may have been caused by (my) faulty wiring for EFU mod, but it could be unrelated. (that's what the button and wiring was for)

The clock spring is designed for both the Tiptronic and 6spd. As a result, the new clock spring comes with the plug for the tiptronic controls. See page 18 of the EFU instruction manual for a diagram of the wiring

After replacing the part, I put it all back together (minus the EFU button, I'll put that elsewhere)

I rescanned the codes, cleared the codes and rescanned.

Now the airbag code that I was working to fix was gone, but now I have 2 more in the ABS section:

2 Faults Found:
01044 - Control Module Incorrectly Coded
35-00 - -
00778 - Steering Angle Sensor (G85)
66-10 - Not Matched - Intermittent

Oh crap =/

So, I STFA (search archives) and find this procedure for Steering Angle Sensor Calibration

As I took the car out, I noticed I had put the steering wheel on a little crooked, I had the wheel crooked by 1-2 teeth. Simple fix.

Although I think I did the procedure correctly, I couldn't recalibrate it...I will return to this one. Anyone, any thoughts?

In the meantime, I did fix the airbag light, but the BRAKES light and ABS lights are now on.

So close, yet so far...

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