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Steering Wheel Clock Spring Replacement SmokinS4 2006

After a successful installation of my replacement clock spring, I found myself with one less airbag light (yahoo), but a dash full of lights: ABS, BRAKE (blinking), and ESP (disabled).

I followed the procedure on how to Steering Angle Sensor Calibration and had no luck =(

So, after MANY attempts, I decided to bring it to the dealer. I have a track day coming up, and I didn't want to be stuck w/o ABS.

I explained to them what I had done. The airbag light was now off, but brake/abs/esp lights on. The error indicated that it needed the steering wheel calibrated.

The service manager got his Sr. Tech. I spoke with him and request that whatever the solution was, I would like the procedure/documentation on how he did it. =)

He mentioned that the calibration is kinda tricky due to the login procedure (same problem I had).

So, here's the important pages that I pulled out of the pages he printed for me. And if you want to read all of them, they are located here

These procedures are nearly identical to the Ross-Tech procedures except they include a login procedure that is dependant on which brakes you have. (see the full instructions if you are interested)

Ok, so I didn't fix it myself....but it didn't cost me anything.

I have ranked on Bernardi in the past (when I was in warranty), but they really took care of me (twice) and didn't charge me anything.

The first time they disassembled the wheel/airbag, and told me the p/n. 1.5 hours NO CHARGE

The 2nd time, they ran the calibration procedure. 30min - NO Charge

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