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Coding the Control Module Driver for Cars with the Information System (Trip Computer) John Stahmann 1999

The A4 comes from the factory with several languages pre-programmed for the trip computer. Here's how to access this feature of the instrument cluster.

Note: This is a feature for cars that are equipped with the Driver Information System (Trip Computer).

Plug the VAG tool into the car.
At the prompt enter 1, then -Q-

You should be prompted for an Address Word.
Enter 17 (Instrument Cluster), then -Q-

You should be prompted for a function.
Enter 10 (Adaptation), then -Q-

At this point you can scroll through the languages by using the -1- and -3- buttons on the VAG.

The available languages are :

  • 00001 German
  • 00002 English
  • 00003 French
  • 00004 Italian
  • 00005 Spanish
  • 00006 Portuguese
As you scroll through you can see the display change from language to language.

When you have selected which language you want, press -Q- and you're done!

Since these items are not coded from the factory to be readily accessible, you assume all the risks involved with coding your Control Module. Dealers will charge you for this service, as it would be considered an accessory. Some dealers may be unfamiliar with the fact that you can code the Control Module, and because of this, they may re-code the Control Module to factory settings. It would be a good idea to keep a copy of this document with the car in case any questions arise.

When forwarding and making copies of this document, please keep it intact.

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