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Exhaust mod with switch control Marc3.2TT 2006

Step 3: Connect the control wire to your own wire harness

In this step you will have to connect each end of the valve control wire to your own wire harness, which will be run to the console and eventually connect to the switch for maximum flap control =)

a) Cut the wire around the bottom of the loop to have equal lengths to work with, and strip the ends so that you can connect them to wires of your choosing:

b) Pick or create a 4-wire bundle long enough to run from the left side of the dash to the centre console. I already had this 4-wire harness with 3 in-line fuses, which is perfect for our application (always want to keep a live wire fused!)

Connect two of the fuse lines to a standard 2-way crimp connector or other connector of your choosing, and the two other wires (ground and +12V) to ring or U-terminals. In my case I chose the black wire as ground, red wire as +12V, and brown & orange wires to either ends of the control wire (we'll have to determine which one is which later). Make sure to write your colors down!

c) Connect the two (brown & orange) wires to the cut control wire and crimp them down together:

d) Connect the (red) +12V wire to the right-most terminal of the relay panel, which reads "87 F Diesel":

e) Connect the (black) ground wire to the existing star-looking bundle of ground wires:

f) Re-tape the wire harness a bit and push it back where you pulled it out from to work on the wires:

g) Run your new wire bundle behind all the relay panels, the other harnesses, above the pedals and into the rear part of the console shown here:

See the 3 RCA plugs on the right? That's where I eventually placed the switch, but of course you could mount it anywhere you like as long as the wire bundle you run makes it there.