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Central Locking Pump Repair 3 bar 2006

Tools needed:  

Phillips Screwdriver Small flat tipped screwdriver
Hacksaw or Dremel tool with cutoff wheel
Soldering iron or crimping pliers and crimp connectors.

One day I tried to lock my car and noticed that my door locks were not working. I realized that the vacuum control module was not working. I removed the module and opened it up. Upon further inspection, I found out that the graphite compressor wheel had shattered making the module useless.

Image Courtesy of WJM

I called the dealer and was shocked to find out the cost of a replacement module was $538 dollars! Working with VWs, I knew there had to be a cheaper alternative. I went to the local pick and pull junkyard and purchased a vacuum module out of a 95 Passat. I removed the vacuum motor/compressor from the module before taking it to the register. I purchased it for $10.50.

With a small flat tipped screwdriver I pried open the gray plastic cover. On the opposite side, I pushed the rubber compressor mounts (nipples) through the case so that I could remove the pump motor assembly. I took the pump motor out and compared it to the Audi pump. I realized that with little modifications the VW pump could be adapted to work with the Audi control unit. Note: Upon further inspection, I observed that the Passat compressor wheel [on the right in the below image] was twice as thick and the compressor-mounting bracket was thicker than the “new and improved” Audi design.

When I placed the Passat assembly into the control module I noticed that the plastic hard line was slightly shorter and needed to be cut and lengthened in order for it to fit into the slot for the vacuum control unit. I cut the hard line coming from the compressor in half at the middle with a hack saw (a Dremel tool can be used) and inserted a 1 inch piece of vacuum line between the cut hard line.

I clipped the motor wires and took the easy route by crimping the wires. You can solder the wires if you prefer.

Insert the motor back into the case. Pull the rubber mounting tabs through the holes until the nipple is locked in place. Place the control board in, install the case cover and you're done. No need for reprogramming the keys because you're using the original module. For a more in depth article on removing and replacing the Pump unit refer to WJM's article on B5 Central Locking Pump Failure and Replacement.

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