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Airbag Controller Replacement davenew 2006

This is the first time in a couple of years that I have ZERO dash lights on! YEA!

Here's the radio before inerting removal tools. Remember the nasty looking stain on the CD player felt piece.. for later.:)

This is how the removal tools are oriented. They pull spring tabs inward to unhook from the radio frame.

All of the removal tools installed.

Radio slid out.

Radio out, wires unplugged.

I had to insert a flat screwdriver as shown on each side to get the climate control unit to slide out.

It's out.. be careful, it's easy to scratch the console area with the radio and this unit.

Climate control & seat heater connectors disconnected.

Only two 8mm screws hold the ash tray in.

You have to remove this trim piece to get the ash tray out. Pull upward on the rear end of it ,as shown, then the front end will slide back/out.

There's the SOB! There are two 10mm nylon locking nuts at the rear end of it.

Here's the third nut that holds it in. You can lift up on the plastic vent duct to get the ratchet on it. After that, it comes out.

Another pic of the same. That's it. The connector has a white locking lever on it, similar to the ones on the instrument cluster. You have to pry on the connector lever (to the left in the pic) to get it to pop loose. Be careful you don't pinch radio wires under the new airbag controller when you install it. It took me 40 minutes between these pics. Some of that time was fixing the retraction mechanism of the ash tray.. that I broke the last time I tried to do this job. After getting everything out, I took the climate control unit apart to clean the junk from the sensor.

I also took the radio apart to flip the CD felt piece around, since it had a nasty looking stain on it. Now it looks like brand new.:) The only thing left is to replace the hazard button trim piece, that I cracked the last time I attempted this job. Do not pry on the trim piece without first removing the radio..

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