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Radar detector hardwire OEM switch mute+led RyanA3 2007

What is it?: It's an OEM switch that serves as a mute button for your radar detector. It also has a small LED indicator that will trigger upon alert!

Where does it go?:
It replaces your airbag switch.

Who can manage this?:
Anyone can do this installation. But if you're challenged, you could purchase the supplies and have an automotive stereo installer do this for you.

What do I like about it?:
It's a stealth mod. It's very convenient to reach to the center console area and hit a medium sized mute button. Rather than reaching across the rear view mirror and trying to hit a small mute switch on the radar unit. Since the radar is on the other side of the car, it's also nice to have an LED indicator closer to my side of the car. During the day the LED is not bright enough to catch your eye, so keep your volume up on the radar unit. But at night, turn down the volume on the chatter box. Turn down the LED on the radar unit, so cops don't see it if they're next to or behind you. You don't need the radar LED, you have your own, in an OEM switch that replaces a switch that bothered you anyway.

What does it look like?: Here is a photo of the switch and the box which contains the AUDI part#.

Who can benefit from this mod?:
I am running the Escort Passport X50. If you are currently using a Bel, Escort, or another unit that uses a phone cord, these instructions will apply. Trial and Error notes: I tried to "piggy-back" the wiring from a DIRECT SMART-CORD/REMOTE ALERT/MUTE DEVICE that is sold for about $30. I had the mute button working properly. However the bulb wouldn't glow 100% although it was working! The DIRECT SMART-CORD allows you to hardwire your radar device easily and at the same time it offers you a remote LED and MUTE switch for near your steering wheel or any preferred area. Here is a photo of the SMART CORD.

The diagram that saved my project:
On a website designed for radar detector fans I found the following diagram of the wiring inside the SMART CORD:

Between this diagram^ and some troubleshooting emails between myself and Len (OOOO-A3), a solution was created to help hardwire the switch and radar detector. Now I'm enjoying an OEM switch that offers a mute switch and an LED. It allows people to save $30 by not having to purchase the smart cord. And it frees you from hacking your supplied cable which you may now use in an alternate vehicle. The supplied cord looks like:

So keep your supplied cable in a spare vehicle. Save $30 and don't purchase the SMART-CORD. Hardwire your radar and an OEM switch yourself:
Audi OEM switch for dash.
TEXT: (none)
FITS: 2006-up A3
STYLE: Momentary Contact
Location: Right side of ESP switch. Will replace Passenger Airbag light in USA.

This switch is available from any broker ie: AudiWorld sponsor ECS, or, etc. I purchased mine from another website because they had it in stock and ready to ship from the USA: SOURCE FOR OEM SWITCH. From the source provided, Mr.Mailman will deliver to you the following: A. OEM Switch B. mating wire harness plug C. wires already attached to the appropriate pins (2,3,4,6) D. pin-out descriptions for each wire Be sure to choose your radio head unit size when adding to the cart. ie: Single DIN vs. Double DIN. And now it's time for DIY information:

Where did I hide the phone cable?:

Installation Tips: -For the fuse that you use in the fuse tap, I recommend a 3 watt fuse which is factory specification. A 5 watt fuse is a good substitute. -Once you crimp the pin connectors to the resistor and wires, you should use electric tape and strengthen this entire assembly. Reason being, the wire on the resistor bends easily. It's obviously designed for a circuit board. But it'll work in this application. You don't want it to break when you wire tie the excess wires up and tuck in a hollow area behind the fuse box. If you're new to wiring please read all the details in the actual images below.

TIPS for REMOVING the CARD TRAY. TIPS FOR REMOVAL OF TRIM/CLIMATE CONTROL. Believe it or not, the OEM switch comes with a green LED bulb! SWAP the LED BULB DIY INFO c/o MisterJJ

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