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Flasher Module Repair Kris Hansen 2007

This is a repair proceedure specifically for the flasher module found in a C5 chassis car. It may apply to other flasher modules, but I do not know that for certain.

The flasher modules are notorious for failing, you either get a stuck ON flasher, or a stuck OFF flasher, both of which are highly irritating. Oddly enough it would seem, the hazard lights work just fine. Well, that's because inside the flasher module are 2 relay coils. They seem to be identical to the eye, though the hazard coil has one extra pin that the directional coil does not. Needless to say, this got me thinking, why not just pull a working hazard flasher relay coil off of an otherwise dead flasher, and replace the dead directional flasher relay coil on another flasher unit with it?

Step one would be to remove the flasher module from the dash. Remove the trim panel over the hazard button/cup holders etc. It's only held on with clips, carefully pry it off. The flasher module is held in with spring clips, carefully pry it out. The whole box should come out. Remove the harness connector from the rear of the module.

Over at your bench, you'll need to dissassemble the module to get the circut board out. Press a small screwdriver into the slot at the arrow, and push the retaining bar out of the way. Pry the sides of the case slightly out, and pull the end off of the box. DO NOT attempt to pull the whole circut board out at this time.

After you have the rear of the case off, you can pry the red triangle piece off of the front. Pry where the arrows are pointing.

Once the red piece is removed, you can then pull the circut board out of the case. Warm up your soldering iron, and get ready to de-solder the directional relay coil.

It should be fairly obvious which pins to de-solder. In case it's not:

Once I put the hazard coil in place of the dead directional coil, it works perfectly. I have no idea how long it will continue to work, time will tell. But I'm just happy to have a working directional flasher again!

And, as usual, assembly is the reverse of this article. Have fun!

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