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LED License Plate Illumination tecknoquatt 2007

Tools needed:

4 - 5mm pre-wired white LEDs 12v DC
1 - philips screwdriver
1 - wire stripper/cripper
4 - crimp on wire connectors w/ flat ends

My motivation for this was small project was increased when i saw my local buddies with their A4 popping LED bulbs into their license plate bulb holders. Driving behind their cars at night was just like WOW! That looks really nice, and it has a bright updated appearance. After not being able to locate any white LED bulbs that would fit my older design holders I just opted for some pre-wired 5mm white LEDs.

The first step is to grab a philips screwdriver to remove your rear license plate and then your license plate

With that removed, unscrew the two screws securing the license plate light lenses on each side. Since they are not undone often you may have to carefully pry the covers off with a slight tug of the fingers. A flat head screw driver may also be used at your own risk.

With the cover removed, you will see the bulb socket w/ bulb installed.  [you will be reusing these sockets so keep them] Remove the socket w/ gasket and unplug the two connectors carefully. Notice the Brown [ground] wire as well as the grey [positive] wire.  I decided to crimp connectors versus soldering to the existing wiring so if i wanted to plug the wires back to the factory socket at a later time. Now see if the connectors you have will fit the factory connections.

Place two led bulbs in the bulb socket location and feed the two positive [RED] and 2 negative [BLACK] wires through the slit in the rubber  gasket on the back side. 

Now, strip the wires back and crimp the two positive wires together and then the negative wires together as pictured. 

Connect wires - [RED to GREY]  [BLACK to BROWN]

Reinstall bulb sockets.

Reinstall plate holder.


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