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Ipod Installation in C4 S6 SchwarzS6 2008
I finished my iPod installation using the silver box. It turned out to be relatively easy once I figured out the wiring. I purchased a 13-pin circular DIN connector for $1.98 (+ about $10 shipping and handling) from Digi-Key. I then took an old pair of headphones that my daughter had broken and clipped off the wire. I soldered together the two ground wires and connected them to pin 7, connected the right signal line (the one which connects to the middle ring on the mini-jack) to pin 5 and the left signal wire (the end connector of the plug on the mini-jack) to pin 9.

At this point I could plug in the silver box and plug the mini-jack into the head phone out line of the iPod. Switch on the radio and press the MODE switch to get CD -- -- 0 0, press play on the iPod and there is music!

Once I got to this point i went to Radio shack and bought a shielded headphone extension cable (16 ft long) and ran it from the trunk, aroung the passenger footwell and out below the ash tray. I purchased an iPod nano dock from the Apple store and set it between the shifter and the console.

For now I put some velcro on the silver box and stuck it to the side of the trunk. I think that it will fit in the recess under the carpet at the edge of the trunk and that is probably where it will end up.