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V1 Hardwire in C6 A6 kwb 2008
What do you do with an 8 day old car? ...Start taking it apart!

The project was to hardwire in my V1 radar detector and concealed display unit. I'll appologize for the horrible photos but I only had a camera phone with me but it got the job done.

Step 1: Remove fuse panel. The owners manual say to use a screwdriver and they weren't kidding. It popped off without any marring of the trim.

Step 2: Drop the panel in the driver's foot well.

There are three bolts pointed out with the arrows and 4 clips (only 3 are circled). It takes a little force to get the clips to release but they do come free. (It took me 3 times before I had enough force applied and I swore it was going to rip right off....but fortunately no damage done.

Step 3: Remove the fuse panel.

You need to pull the fuse box so that you can gain access to the other side. It's held in with 2 bolts.

Step 4: Open the back of the fuse box.

The back of the fuse box requires two clips to be released. You can't see one of them until the box is dropped. Once it's opened, you have full access to the wiring.

Step 5: Install vampire tap (aka splice tap)

The fuses are labeled on the cover. I chose the windshield washer fluid heater. It's 5 amps, switched and easy to access. With the tap installed, I attached red wire with the flat blade from the adapter module (from Valentine) and the black ground wire to the frame.

TEST the setup before you do anything else. Make sure the unit has power and the concealed display works.

Close up the fuse box and reattached it. Finally, Mount the adapter module to the back side of the fuse box. It's nicely out of the way but still very accessable and won't interfear with the kick panel once it's reinstalled.

Step 6: Run the cables.

No pics of this but it's fairly simple. I ran the cable up the A post and across the windshield. The cable pushes under the trim easily with a small dull probe (wooden coffee stirrer from Starbucks works nicely).

Step 7: Mount the concealed display.

With the stearing wheel full compressed, I mounted the display on the column. It only takes about 8 inches of cable to go from the adapter unit to the concealed display. I zip tied the extra cable to the mounting bracket next to the fuse box.

Step 8: Enjoy the new install.

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