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Installing an auxiliary 12V outlet B6 A4 & S4 3 bar 2008

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility of the damage of your vehicle with this install. This outlet should be used only as a power outlet and not a cigarette lighter.

Tools needed

· X-acto knife

· Electrical crimp pliers

· Two butt connectors or scotch locks

· Two female crimp connectors.

With today’s cell phones the cell phone jack in the B6 A4/S4 is useless. Besides I had a GPS and a cell phone and wanted more ports to charge my equipment when I was on the road. I converted the telephone jack into a cigarette lighter outlet using a cheap socket from a B3/B4 Volkswagen Passat.

First, raise the armrest and locate the cell phone plug and cover. Gently pull up on the plastic shroud holding the cell phone plug.

Second, unhook the plug from the bracket and tuck the plug under the center console base away from any obstructions.

Third, with a sharp knife gently cut the hole opening big enough to accommodate the socket.

Cut the additional ribbing material underneath the cover to make room for the socket.

The socket should snap right in.

Crimp and wire the socket using 14 to 16 gauge wire.

Pull up handbrake cover to expose wires for flip up cigarette lighter.

Run wires under the console and Spice the wires into the wires that connect to the lighter. Make sure that the polarity is correct with a voltmeter. 

Tuck wires out of danger and place handbrake cover in place.

Put cover back in place and you’re done.

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