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CD Changer Installation ('00 2.7T) Annonymous 2000

I wrote this document to explain how to install a factory or OEM direct equivalent 6-disc CD changer in a 2000 Audi A6 non-Avant. I did not have access to Audi directions except for their warning about setting the CD changer orientation setting.

You will need the changer, with at least one CD cartridge pack. The tools you will need are a short (stubby) #2 screwdriver, a normal-length #2 screwdriver with a narrow shaft (not a replaceable bits type), a 7mm socket wrench with 3" extension, a spinner for the socket (screwdriver handle with socket drive) or 7mm nut driver, and needle-nose pliers.

1. MOST IMPORTANT. Set the CD changer orientation angle to horizontal. On the left and right ends of the changer in the top center there are two screws in small semi-circular tracks. Ensure the screws are at back end of the track, by the "H". This means the CD player is configured for horizontal install which is proper for the A6. If they are not at H, you need to loosen both screws and move them to the "H". Do not remove the screws.

If you do not set these correctly, your CD changer will skip often.

2. Turn off the stereo.

3. Open the driver's side compartment door in the trunk. The CD changer mounting spot is behind this below below the tool kit. Remove the tool kit.

The 4 screw mounting holes on the changer are difficult to get to behind this door. Thus, I recommend you remove the mounting bracket now, mount the changer in it, and replace the bracket. You can choose not to do this, but it will make extracting the CD changer electrical connector more difficult, as well as mounting the changer in the bracket. The forward screw on the left (of the CD unit) will be especially difficult since it is behind the bracket.

4. If you are removing the bracket as I suggest, do so now. There are 4 bolts and 1 screw. The bolts are 7mm you will need a socket set or spinner and a 3" extension will make it easier. The screw is a #2 phillips and you will need a screwdriver with a short or offset shaft. To remove the bracket, loosen the screw, then remove the bolts. You do not need to remove the screw. One bolt is behind a sticky cardboard panel on the left below the tail light. Peel the panel back and remove the bolt. Remove the bracket by lifting up on it. The right side will slide out from under the screw and the left side has a tab which will slide out of a groove it is in.

5. Locate the electrical connector. There are two prepared connector bundles behind this door. The one on the left (near the taillight) is the cellular phone connections. You do not need to mess with these. To the right the wiring harness is held by one ladder-tie (like a wire tie, but reusable and shaped like a ladder), then another. You will need open the farther one. These ladder-ties are held closed by an arrowhead-shaped plastic piece that is put through one of the holes in the ladder. You need to squeeze the arrowhead and slide the ladder over it. With some practice you can squeeze the arrowhead with your fingers, but you wil probably find needle-nose pliers work better. I found the farther connector very difficult to access unless the CD changer bracket is removed. I found it easier to access these if I crawled into the trunk of the car.

6. Now grab the electrical connector. It is in foam wrap that was secured by the second connector. Save the foam wrap! Pull all the slack out of the cable. There will be almost two feet of cable available that was doubled through the ladder tie. Ensure the cable still passes through the ladder tie when you are done. Separate the CD connector from the rest of the harness.

7. You can now rewrap the harness. Note that the ladder-wraps will rotate in their mounts. If you install them with the arrowhead closer to the opening, it will be easier to disconnect and reconnect them next time. The CD changer cable will also pass through a lower ladder-wrap that was previously unused except for a very this pair of wires. Find this wrap at this time.

8. Install the CD changer in the bracket. You will need 4 M5 (5mm) screws. The screws can be at most 8mm long, I used 7mm as I couldn't find 8mm. It appears as short as 5mm would work fine. The length of the screw is the number after the X in the description. Thus you need 4 M5x8 (or M5x7) screws. The front screw on the left will still be difficult to install. Image how difficult it would have been in the confined quarter panel space!

9. Decide how to tie down the newly separated cable and the changer cable. I doubled the car cable through the lower ladder tie 3 times, leaving a little extra to mate with the changer cable. When securing the cable, you will probably want to locate it on the right side of the lower cable tie, so it is against the foam-padded panel toward the front of the car instead of next to the metal space frame panel. This way it will not rattle.

10. Slide the foam over either one of the cables, then connect the electrical connectors. Note that if you need to disconnect them again, you need to press down on the release button on the car side of the connector while you separate them. Now slide the foam down so it is over the connectors. This way they won't rattle on things either.

11. Install the bracket in the hole. To do this, put the bracket in high then lower it. The left side tab will have to go into the slot, and the right side "fork" will go under the screw. Now, you can move the bracket under the screw and slide it up and down some until the 4 bolt holes line up with the bracket. Hold it in position by tightening the screw. Now install the bolts.

12. Replace the tool kit.

13. Load some CDs in the cartridge. Crank it up! If you get "ERR1" on all the CDs, then you've put them in upside down.

I ordered a changer from Clair. It is the genuine Audi part with the Audi logo. It is made by Matsushita (Panasonic). I don't believe they guarantee all will have the Audi logo, but if not it will be the direct OEM equivalent from Matsushita. Although it isn't mentioned in the manual, the left and right arrows on the steering wheel radio controls will change CDs in the pack. Now if it just had a mute button...

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