Hidden Features

To access the following features:

  • Turn off the radio
  • Press and Hold 1 of the 6 Station Buttons (each button is a different menu)
  • While holding 1 of the Station buttons - turn on the radio.
  • Each menu has its own set of Controls.

    Station Button 1

    The displays shows a digital value of the radio stations frequency. It is constantly changing as it selects the strongest signal.

    The radio still operates normally - But the frequency is always in the display.

    The integrated "Diversity Box" is constantly monitoring the signals emitted from FM radio stations and automatically sects the strongest signal.

    You cant change any values - Just an output

    Station Button 2

    This feature is a diagnostic display of the current activity of the SVC.

    It will show how many dBs the SVC has increased the volume.

    For safety's sake, access this diagnostic mode while the car is stopped. Then as you gain speed you will be able to watch the SVC at work.

    Station Button 3

    The screen displays "9611.1M". You can view three more values by turning the SEEK KNOB.

    9611.1M -
    9604.1D -
    8904.1S -

    You can't select anything - It will always return to "9611.1M"

    Station Button 4

    The screen displays "NO CDC"

    I don't have a CD Changer

    Station Button 5

    This is the coolest hidden feature.

    This is the hidden digital 8 band Graphic equalizer. Default setting is 55555555.

    Use the Volume Knob to change the Values from 1-9

    Hit P.SCAN to change to the next Band.


    The first four settings are for the front speakers F1 is the front bass, F4 is the front treble. The 5th setting (R1) is the back bass, the last setting (R4) is the back treble.

    Station Button 6

    Use this to enable or disable the radio display on the driver information console (dashboard).

    KROQ - For those in LA.

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