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Trip Computer Display Don Pavlik 2000

The optional trip computer (std on the S4) displays:

  • Duplicate warning information related to coolant temperature and level, oil pressure,alternator and brakes (both system failure and bulb check information) low fuel (at about 1/8th tank - the "red zone") and low windshield washer fluid level. For the icon impaired, if a warning symbol is displayed, pressing the LH button near the display will provide text explaining the problem. The owners manual mentions, "SWITCH OFF ENGINE" and "CHECK OIL LEVEL" I've never seen the other error messages so I'm not sure what they all say.
  • Stereo system source information for radio, tape and CD (if so equipped). Radio information includes the band (FM1/FM2/AM), active button and station frequency. Band/button info is displayed as FMx "dot" button number. (FM1.5) Tape source simply displays that a tape is loaded and indicates the tape direction (side A/B). CD displays the disc number (1-6) and the current track.
  • Speed warning alert.
  • Trip computer information includes: average speed, average MPH, instantaneous MPG, miles to empty, driving time since last reset and a driving alert which occurs every 2 hours of continuous driving to remind you to take a break. No picture of the alert, sorry.
  • If equipped with an automatic (tiptronic) transmission, "PRND432" is displayed indicating the current gear in the lowest portion of the display window. Not pictured as I don't have access to a auto trans vehicle.
  • Ambient temperature with the "snowflake&" indicator when temps are low enough for ice to form on the road. The first warning appears at 40 F. Remember, bridges freeze first... gotta love that wind chill.
  • The coolant, oil and low washer fluid indicators are animated for your amusement.
  • I find it humorous that the US spec models have a word for the brake warning while the Canadian model have the brake shoes around the circle icon. Guess Audi figured US drivers weren't smart enough to figure out what the icon represented and in some cases they are probably right! Sad really. I'm not insulted, just amused.
  • If you find the display annoying you can turn it off by quickly pressing the "reset" button on the wiper stalk. If a warning occurs the display will re-activate.
  • Pardon the poor quality of the following images. Turns out, CCD cameras don't like taking pictures of red LCD displays.
Headlight, tail light bulbs out and coolant temp or level Washer fluid low and oil pressure
Low fuel and Canadian brake warning Alternator, battery voltage high or low Brake lights malfunction (US models) Systems check OK

Speed warnings

2 speed warnings are driver configurable. One temporary, which remains until the vehicle is turned off, and one permanent that remains until you delete it.

  • To set speed warning 1, press the RH display button when the vehicle is at the desired speed.
  • To set warning 2, press the LH display button then press and hold the button for at least 2 seconds with the ignition key off. The currently stored speed will be displayed. Adjust the speed setting with the rocker switch on the end of the wiper stalk Adjustment is in 5 mph increments.
  • The speed warning will beep and display the indicator when you exceed the set speed by 6mph (10 km/h). The warning will go out if you drive 25 mph (40 km/h) higher than the set point for more than 30 seconds.
Speed warning 1 - temporary Speed warning 2 - permanent Display for setting speed warning 2. Warning 2 would activate at 81 mph with this setting.

Reset button and rocker switch on the wiper stalk


Trip computer information

  • Cycle through the fields with the wiper stalk rocker switch.
  • Fields except miles to empty may be cleared by pressing and holding the "reset" button when the field is displayed.
Miles to empty Instant MPG Average MPG Average speed Elapsed time running since reset


Stereo system status and ambient temperature

  • At outside temperatures between 41-32 F the snowflake will appear on the LH side of the temperature and between 32-23 F on the RH side to warn you that ice may form on the road. Note that the owners manual has the snowflake nformation reversed. (at least in my '97 manual)
  • If the climate control system is set to display C the ambient temp will be shown in C.
  • Switch the climate control between F and C by holding down the recirc button and pressing the '+' button for the temperature.
Radio station and band information Tape indicator and tape direction CD disc number and track playing Ambient temperature Snowflake displayed for ice warning