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Installing Factory CD Changer ('98 models with Audi Concert Radio/head unit) [email protected] 1998

These instructions apply to 1998 A4 1.8T and 1998.5 A4 2.8 sedans (with Audi Concert Radio/head unit) and are for the AUDI original equipment installation kit which is available from your dealer or Clair Parts Express. If you bought a Panasonic DP601 from Autotoys or other mail order company, you must use the installation hardware and instructions that they supply or order the AUDI kit separately.

The three main steps are to install the changer into the big plastic box (that comes with the installation kit), to connect the changer's connector to the preinstalled DIN connector and to attach the plastic box to the trunk floor and the wheel well. Details follow:

INSTALLING THE CHANGER INTO THE PLASTIC BOX: This is pretty easy to do following the drawing that comes with the installation kit. First make sure that the Vertical/Horizontal adjustment screws are set to Vertical on both sides of the changer. The installation kit comes with three metal brackets. Screw the two identical brackets onto the sides of the changer. Slip 2 speed nuts onto the "feet" of each metal bracket then slide the changer into the plastic box, making sure to feed the connector cord through the hole in the bottom of the compartment. Then secure the changer using two screws through each end of the plastic box.

PREPARING THE TRUNK AREA: Remove the black plastic sheet that covers the rear trunk vertical wall by unscrewing 8 metal fasteners. Then peel the trunk lining material away from the drivers side rear trunk corner and wheel well area. You will have to pop off two plastic fasteners near the tail light assembly. Then find the electric cable with the round DIN connector which has a piece of protective foam material taped to it. The cable is tied to the wires that run along the bottom of the drivers side trunk wall to the tail light. Free the cable and connector up so that it can later be connected to the cd changer. Then find a punched hole in the metal rib that runs along the wheel well. Slip a speed nut over the punched hole. Then push the trunk lining back into place, making sure the cable with the DIN connector is protruding towards the rear corner of the trunk near the tail light. I had the cable coming through a pre cut slit in the trunk lining material near the tail light assembly.

ATTACH THE THIRD METAL BRACKET TO THE TRUNK FLOOR: The third metal bracket is longer and heavier than the other brackets that come with the kit. The diagram that comes with the kit does NOT show how to attach it. Lift the carpet that covers the trunk floor. You will see that the rear driver's side cargo tie down ring is bolted to a black metal plate. The plate has screw holes on each end that match up with two screw holes on the third metal bracket. Bolt the bracket to the plate so that the horizontal speed nut is towards the rear and the vertical speed nut is forward.

ATTACH THE PLASTIC BOX WITH CD CHANGER IN IT TO TRUNK FLOOR AND WHEEL WELL: Remove the tire jack and tool kit, then position the box so that its low area fits where the jack and tool kit were. This should position the box so that it can be bolted to the third metal bracket with two sheet metal screws. The third attachment point is a little harder. There is a small vertical slit in the area of the trunk lining covering the area of the wheel well where you previously put the speed nut. I had to cut away a small piece of the trunk lining material to get at the speed nut and then screw the bracket (on the front side of the cd box) to it.

FINISHING UP: Connect the connector from the cd changer to the DIN connector. The cd changer should now work after loading the cd cartridge with cds, putting the cartridge into the changer, then pushing the mode button on the Concert radio head unit. All that is left is to trim the edge of the black plastic sheet to accommodate the extra height of the new bracket. (there is a snap out already scribed), screw the sheet back into place and trim the floor rug so it can fit neatly into place. Enjoy.