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Servotronic 605 Relay FAQ [email protected] 2001

Q: What is the 605 relay & why would I want to remove it?
A: Relay 605 is the Servotronic steering boost relay. Basically this relay is supposed to make the car easier to turn at low speeds and while stationary. In reality, it boosts steering all the time at any speed. This relay is an option in Europe known as "Servotronic Steering." Removing the relay just makes your car like a standard European specification allroad or A6. Many people have complained that the steering is to light or is overboosted. With the relay removed, the steering is a bit more heavy feeling than my S4. Without the relay, the car has a more sporty feeling, which is a positive improvement IMO.

Q: Will my dealer know if I pull the relay and are there any warranty issues?
A: Pulling the relay did not trigger any fault codes when I checked with the VAG tool. I guess the dealer might notice when they drive it but probably not. I highly doubt that this will impact your warranty since the Euro models come without the relay but with AOA, you never know - please read the disclaimer.

Q: How hard is it to do and how long will this take?
A: This is really easy to do and takes less than 5 minutes, including cleaning up tools. 

Q: Is this reversible?
A: Yes. Just replace the relay. Replacing the relay may take a bit longer since you need to make sure the relay is oriented correctly and securely placed in all the way.

Disclaimer: (not to scare anyone but to cover my butt)
You assume all responsibility for any and all results obtained by following this FAQ. 
You do so at your own risk. 
You are solely responsible for any damages financial or material. 
Read all directions before attempting the procedure.

Tools needed:
8mm socket & driver
2 hands (the smaller the better)

Make sure the car is off and remove the key. Completely remove two 8mm hex-bolts from the bottom corners of the panel located under the steering wheel at shin level. 

At the left side, pull panel towards the read of the car opening up a 3" gap between the panel and the dash. Shine a flashlight in and you should see a cluster of relays with "605" on the far right against the steering column. Note the orientation of the relay in case you want to replace it. 

Wiggle your hand in there and pop it out by pulling towards the rear of the car. Align the panel and replace the two bolts and you are done! Here are 2 reference pictures noting the size and part # in case you ever lose it and need to replace.