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Relocating the V1 Mute Button Matt Waletzke

Disconnect the battery to prevent the airbag from possibly going off when you remove it (10mm socket).

NOTE: make sure you have your code for the radio, as it will need to be reset.

Tools Needed

1. Remove 2 Torx screws from back of steering wheel
(T-30 torx) Unplug airbag wire and set airbag somewhere out of the way.

2. To remove the steering wheel unscrew the screw in the middle (12point 12mm metric bit) I had to get this specially from an auto parts store (Naapa...Sears doesn't carry them). This screw has lock tight on it so you may need a 1/2 ratchet or even a breaker bar to loosen it.

3. Remove the 4 Philips screws. Ignore the wire in the pic. You will be adding this later

4. Remove the tilt steering lever (T-25 torx) and then remove the hex screw that is under it.

5. Remove the plastic pieces above and below the steering console

6. Solder remote button wire to the 2 pins not being used...these may be used in tiptronic transmissions but not in 6 speeds. The wire in the pic is the one I added.

7. Do the same on the steering wheel side. Again there are 2 pins that are not being used just above where the airbag plugs in. I did have to shave some of the plastic away to get the soldering iron in there.

8. Any push button will work. I picked this one up at Radio Shack for a buck or two. It is threaded which I think helps hold it in place. I made sure it was a very snug fit.

9. Drill hole in the steering wheel to match the size of your button. I drilled a smaller hole first to make sure it lined up correctly on the back side of the wheel. Just the pressure of the foam on the back of the wheel holds the button in place so be sure not to drill the hole too big

10. Put everything back together at this point with the exception of the airbag. Once the steering wheel is back on make your final solder connections to the push button. Once you are done reinstall the airbag.

11. The other end of the wire you can run to your remote display wherever you have it located. There are two small holes on the board of the remote display near the original button. Solder your wires to these holes. I was able to do this, put the unit together and still maintain the use of the button on the remote display. Have fun!