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Hardwiring an Escort Radar Locator (continued) CVT_A4 2003

17- Now, make sure your work is good to use. The mute button is free to move (you can hear the click) and the two lights are visible. Once you reach this point, you passed the hard steps. Put the plastic cover back to it's original space after running all the wires thought the housing. You have to choose where you want your radar detector to be placed in the windshield. Put your Radar in the place you want. I run the wire between the windshield and the dashboard (see the red line). The wire will go between them very easily. Make sure that the wire is vertical while inserting. Once you reached the A-pillar, you need a credit card to help you pushing the wire to be hidden.

18- It's time to find out how to connect the power to your radar detector, I used the HomeLink fuse for that (Yellow circle). For cars without HomeLink I think you can connect the wire with any fuse that's powered with the ignition key. You have to test that!

19- The SmartCord from Escort comes with a small clip. This clip is very nice and easy to install. All what you have to do is to find the correct fuse and connect this clip to the fuse wire. I opened the fuse box for that purpose. The fuse box can be removed by two screws (red arrows), don't break the two clips! (Green arrows). You can open the fuse box by unclipping the other two clips (Yellow arrows). After that, try to track the wire that you will connect the clip to it. Make sure you have the correct wire for that. The clip provided can be used ONLY one time! (See the instructions provided with the SmartCord for the clip).

20- I connected the ground with this screw (between the fuse box and the black panel). 

21- After testing that your Radar will work only if your key in the ignition, use the multi-purpose tie/UV as shown.

22- Stick the label that you removed as seen the next step.

23- Final project!!

Good Luck!!!

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