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HCB-30 Handsfree Kit TY 4.2 2004

Since 02 cars do not have that DB25 cable in the trunk, I had to do this this hard way.

I picked this handsfree kit because I did not have to do anything with the phone to make a connection. Just walk up to the car. That's it. When someone calls me, it automatically goes to the handsfree system. Nice.

HCB-30 is a Sony Ericsson Bluetooth hand free car kit (review).

I used these  instructions for removing the radio. I had radio removal tools (2 of them) from my other car. I made 2 more with plastic (old calling card) and it worked ok.

I also had 10 pin connector that goes behind the radio from a head unit on my other car (Blaupunkt). I had to re-wire pins to match this, however. If you need the connector, this article has the part #.

I got power from fuse box for both constant 12V and switched 12V. Speaker out from the handsfree kit is connected directly to the radio. I thought output from the kit may be too loud and I was planning to reduce it but it worked just fine connecting it directly to the radio.

The kit itself is very small (see review article for size. There is a picture of the unit next to T39 phone). It fits below the radio (above a/c controls) just fine. I'm sorry but I did not take a picture. Here's how the installed system looks now. You can see where I placed the control and mic in the picture below. 02 cars (I have no OnStar) do not have microphone near sunroof control (at least on my car), so I put mic next to radio (yes, I was too lazy to put it up higher).

Works great with my phone now :-) I can hear my phone ring while I have my stereo loud.