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B6 Avant Stereo Upgrade (continued) GTakacs 2004

Then the lower trim pieces were finally freed and the power cable as well as the Clarion Cnet bus cable was routed under the door sills.

Lower trim pieces removed.

Power cable routed.

Power cable reached the rear door.

Next I had to route the RCA cables from the HU to the trunk as well as the speaker wires that would be driving the front stage from the trunk to the front. I have decided to use the existing wiring from the HU to the speakers so I had to run the speaker wires from the trunk to the same location as the RCA wires (to the HU).

I decided that the two speaker wires and the RCA cables will run in the center console. I had to use some fishing cable to get from the rear seat under the carpet to the center console, but once there, the rest of it was relatively straight forward.

All the wires laying on the driveway. Can you tell what's missing? No? I'll tell you later :-).

These are high quality interconnects, not your RadioShack ones, it's not worth it to skimp on the interconnects when you put so much time and money into the rest of the system.

My car is throwing up "blue spagetti" from the rear ashtray!

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