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B6 Avant Stereo Upgrade (continued) GTakacs 2004

I got the cable ends to the HU finally. There is a lot of foam in the center console for sound deadening (this is a entry-luxury car after all) which makes it more challenging to route the cables.

The wires all tucked in, looking all pretty. Can you still not tell me what's missing?

I had to fish the wires one by one through under the carpet. You can see how they were daisy chained to one another.

OK, just as I was ready to reinstall the armrest I realized that I did forget something. The remote amp turn on lead!!!!

So I used one of the speaker wires to fish the remote amp turn on lead through from the back to the front. Extra 15 minutes went to waste but I'm glad I caught it before the car was put back together.

To route the wires from the rear door to the trunk, the rear seat had to be removed.

This is the trunk, while gutted.

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