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B6 Avant Stereo Upgrade (continued) GTakacs 2004

Note, to remove the right part of the rear seat, the center seatbelt sensor must be disconnected. If you turn on your car with the seat disconnected your airbag light will come on and throw and error. Also if you have the battery disconnected ever the ESP will throw an error relating to the yaw sensor and it recalibrates itself when you start driving. VAG-COM is an essential tool to hide your tracks from a suspecting dealer if you want to do such an install. Bentley manual is also necessary, I would not start without one. The ETKA parts catalog is also nice to have as it lists which hole has what kind of screws which is nice to have it you tend to bundle all your screws at one location. After all the wires were together, I just bundled them and routed them into the trunk right by the factory wiring, all nicely tucked away by the door.

The cables have reached their final destination by the rear right corner of the trunk. The picture shows where the stock subwoofer and amplifier used to be, it'll soon house my two amps and the Sirius satellite tuner.


I was going to use the stock speaker locations for my Focal Polykevlar 165K components. The installation of the speakers required some spacers. I was originally going to buy some custom spacers for $20 a piece from a local stereo shop made out of MDF but when I learned that the OEM speaker itself is only $21 from my friendly Volkswagen dealer I just decided to gut the factory speaker out of its housing and use its housing as the spacers. Worked like a charm.

On a side note I want to add that Volkswagen dealers can order pretty much every Audi part and chances are it will be a lot cheaper than an Audi dealer. For example the little plastic spring holder thingies that tend to break when you remove the door cost a mere $0.53 at my Volkswagen dealer while they cost $1.30 at the Audi dealer. I checked the speaker price at the Volkswagen dealer, I'm sure they'd be more at an Audi dealer, but for $21 a pop they are a steal to make the perfect spacers.

Here is a picture of what is left of the stock speakers after I have used them as spacers for the Focals. They are cheap and guarantee perfect fit including the rubber seal to the door.

Here is the pic of the Focal 165K installed in the rear driver side door. This was the last one to go in, I didn't take pictures of the others, they all look similar.

A close up of the crossover and the mid range speaker. Mounting the crossover was tough, it was hard to find a spot that was level enough so the crossover wouldn't get warped when the screws were tightened down. This door I drilled 3 pairs of holes before I got it right. Also make sure you leave enough room above the crossover so the window controller connector can still fit in (I learned it the hard way).

The tweeters mounted into the stock location, I needed to wrap several (9 to be exact) layers of electrical tape on the edges of them to make them fit snug in the factory locations. The stock system has a center speaker that is ran off the front stage of the factory HU. I was not going to utilize this paper cone center speaker with my setup but I did put it to good use. I disconnected the center fill speaker and soldered new connectors to it so I can use it as my hands free speaker for my phone. It was really tough to route the new wire from the center of the dash down under to behind the glove compartment where the hands free control module will go.


I had bought the two smallest amplifiers possible as I did not want anything to interfere with my trunk space. These Memphis amps are super amps and I could not be any happier with them! I had to make and amp rack so I could have the amps mounted but I still needed access to all the wiring of the speakers. Also once the amps were mounted I still wanted the controls to be accessible for fine tuning the system.

So here is the amp rack that I came up with after several trial and errors.

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