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B6 Avant Stereo Upgrade (continued) GTakacs 2004

It has hinges on the bottom so it can be folded flat to connect the speaker wires. The bottom has a hard drive cooling fan attached to it to provide some air movement between the two amps, once they're folded up the gap is pretty thin between the amps so it is essential to provide additional airflow. Since I was going to run two amps and a fan off the remote turn on lead of the HU, I had to add a relay (got lucky and got a good Bosch one) so the actual power draw on the HU's remote amp turn-on lead is minimal.

On the following picture you can see the back side of the amp rack. It has the ground and power distribution block attached to it as well as the relay that I was talking about. The whole thing is all wired up, ready to go.

Here is a picture of the test hook-up, the wires are still all tangled and you can't make anything out of the big mess, but at this point I had a fully working setup :-).

On this picture you can see the amps finally mounted in their location, all tied down. The wires still look a bit messy, some more zip ties will be needed to clean it up a bit more.

Here is a picture of the semi-completed trunk with the sub box.

Satellite Radio

I mounted the antenna on the roof, and routed the cable down the D pillar into the trunk.

The satellite tuner is plugged in, ready to be activated.

This is the final location of the Sirius tuner, it is bracketed to the chassis by a wood piece and to the amp rack on the other side by a metal plate. It is not going anywhere!

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