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B6 Avant Stereo Upgrade (continued) GTakacs 2004

Head Unit

I had to make a new custom mounting bracket for the aftermarket radio. Since nobody makes an aftermarket dash trim kit to fit a single DIN radio into the place of the factory one on the B6 A4, I had to make my own. I have used a Metra Toyota Pickup Kit and used the metal mounting bracket from it. It needed some help from a friendly hammer and Dremel cutting disc to make it fit. It wasn't an easy task but it's finally in and the HU is mounted.

Here is the custom bracket. There is also the hands free cell phone holder mounted, using a Panavise custom adapter, made specifically for the 2002+ A4.

Here you can see all the wires that needed to be run to the HU.

The big black box is what the factory harness hooks into, the only usable cables in it were the wires for the two front speakers, constant power and ground. You can see how the speaker wires (grey and white) loop back and connect to the two pairs of speaker wires (blue) coming from the rear from the amps, this way I could use the factory wiring without having to splice into anything, keeping it all OEM.

Further to the right is the amplified antenna adapter that is needed (Metra 40-VW53) 3 pairs of RCAs (front, rear, sub), remote amp power cable and the changer control bus cable for the Sirius tuner. That is all the wiring that's needed. There is also a telephone lead so the radio turns off when I make a phone call. On the very left is the ignition lead, I have tapped into the fuse box with a little wire tap-in to the fuse that is designated to telematics and telephone I think.

On this picture I've highlighted the Fuse that I have used.

Here is the plug that connects to the Clarion HU

Here, I have the system fully working, just making sure all wiring is correct.

The HU is finally in its place

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