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Fog Light Installation Alejandro Aristondo Uzquiano 2004

For a Pre 99.5 models with the fogs on the headlights.


Scale (1 easy- 10 difficult): 5


1) Screwdriver (+)
2) Forceps or tweezers
3) Drilling tool
4) Cutter
5) Grinding or trimming tool
6) Electric tape


1) Fogs (00-01)
2) Grills and fog covers
3) 6 screws and nuts from the fogs
4) 1 single screw
5) Wire (5 or 6 feet)

Electrical Installation

1) Cut the OEM wire that goes to the headlight
2) Attach a new wire with a long of 20 feet and attach to the end of the wire a single connector
3) Solder the wires for better conductivity
4) Find a screw near to the fog and connect the ground with a new wire.
5) Test the fogs

Mechanical Installation

1) Take out the OEM grills of the car (Pop out)
2) Take out the plastic cover in the bottom of the car (There are like 6 or 8 screws)
3) Disconnect the horn
4) Remove the bracket of the horn
5) Find or fabricate a new bracket on the opposite site of the OEM one (I used a bracket from another car, don't remember which one)
6) Fix the new bracket in the place
7) Connect the horn and test it
8) Fabricate the 3 metal pieces (I use pieces that were available in a body shop)
a. Two small square pieces of metal (1/2 inch wider and 1 1/2 inch longer)
b. 1 square piece of metal (1 inch wider and 3 or 4 inch taller)
9) Connect the wires to the fog connector and fill the hole with silicone and let dry.
10) Connect again and test it
11) Place the fogs in place with the cover and mark the places to drill on the pieces (Plastic and metal pieces) you can use the picture as a reference
12) Drill holes according to the screws and the position on the 3 metal pieces

Driver side

Passenger side

13) On the passenger side you need to grind a little bit of the plastic piece to make it fit (little border of the plastic piece)
14) Screwing the two screws and put the cover and grill
15) For the drivers side cut the plastic duct of the intercooler to allow to enter the air

16) Screw the metal piece to the plastic
17) Put in the last two screws
18) Insert fog cover and grills
19) Use tape to fill the space between the fender and the grill, to fix it tight (if not the grill is going to move a little bit)
20) Align the fogs (You have a screw on the fogs that moves the fog up and down
21) I corrected a little bit of the light by moving the fog cover

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