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Ignition Switch Replacement Mike Tan 2004

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The Problem:

Upon starting the car the key will rotate to the "Ignition Start" position and remain there rather than returning to the "Ignition On" position. This causes your starter to remain on even though the car has already started running and can damage the starter itself.

As seen by the highlighted portion, the plastic "ramp" has fallen off and thus the spring roller that would normally roll back to the "Ignition On" position sticks in the "Ignition Start" position.


- New Ignition Switch (Part Number 4A0-905-849-B)
- Philips Head Screw Driver
- 5/32 and 1/8 Allen keys
- T25 and T30 Torx bits
- 15/26" socket
- 10mm socket


1. Disconnect the Battery using a 10mm socket.
2. Remove the two(2) T30 Torx screws from behind the airbag. (one on each side)

3. Disconnect the two highlighted connectors.

4. Remove the 15/16" bolt holding the steering wheel on. And the two connectors as seen in the picture. One has a brown wire going to a black connector. The other is a set of wires going to a red connector.

5. Remove the two(2) Allen screws using a 1/8" Allen key that holds the Steering wheel adjustment lever on.

6. Remove the three(3) Philips head Screw holding the Steering wheel guard on. And slide off. Watch out for the Steering wheel adjustment lever that is fed through this guard.

7. Remove the Female Ignition switch from the Male ignition switch.

8. You can now remove the Male ignition switch that goes into the back of the Ignition tumbler via these two screw that are actually painted over with red paint.

All done, just reverse the order and marvel at your working car once again.