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Satellite Radio (XM or Sirius) Install in a RS6 Scott Parkhill 2004

I appreciate the write-up provided by Dr. Aronis a while back. I used his tips to easily install my satellite radio module. Here are a few more details of the install. 

First go to a hardware store and buy 4 nuts and bolts. Carriage bolts (the ones with the round head and square area at the top of the threads) work really well; I do not know the size that I used, but they should be no larger than 10 mm at the head, 6 mm at the square portion and 5mm at the thread width. A regular bolt would be fine also. A 10-15 mm long bolt works pretty well. 

Here are the instructions. 

1) Everything is on the drivers-side of the trunk. Make sure you write-down the ID number from your satellite radio module. 

2) Remove the jack. 

3) Remove the CD/NAV mounting bracket. There are four 8mm bolts and one Phillips-head that must be removed. There is enough slack on the wires that you do not have to disconnect the NAV unit. 

4) The "hidden" wiring harness should now be in plain view. Loosen the strap fastener to give you some extra slack on the satellite radio wiring harness. 

5) The satellite radio module will be sandwiched between the sheet metal of the car and some inner metal. The mounting bracket is a piece of black painted metal that is pretty difficult to see. There is a bolt (or maybe a screw) that you remove and the bracket lifts out from between the body and inner support. It helps to remove the 11mm bolt holding some round the object in place. 

6) Mount the Satellite radio receiver to the mounting bracket using the four screws you purchased. 

7) Plug the four color/size/shape coded wire connectors from the wiring harness into the satellite radio receiver. 

8) Remount the mounting bracket (with the receiver). It is a tight fit, but with a little finesse, it will squeeze in there. 

9) Remount the 11mm bolt (if you removed it) 

10) Refasten the wiring harness strap fastener 

11) Reinstall the CD/NAV mounting bracket. 

12) Replace the jack. 

13) When you turn on the car and select Sat on the radio, you should have limited access to satellite radio features. 

14) Activate your system online or via the telephone and you are finished. 


As Dr. Aronis said, "The biggest problem I had was realizing the bracket was there, since I would have expected it to be a bit more inboard, a minor fender dent would hit the sat radio." 

This all should take about 15-20 minutes.

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